Durarara!! UK released delayed, next Pocket Monsters movie release date confirmed in Japan, Naruto Shippuuden Volume 3 out now!

Durarara!! UK DVD Release Delayed
To begin with some news relating to an upcoming DVD release. Beez revealed on their twitter account that the scheduled October release for ‘Durarara!!’ Volume 1 on DVD has now been pushed back to November of this year! The reason stated for the delay was an issue regarding one of the subtitle tracks. “…release has been delayed to November now due to German subtitle delays it seems…”

For those unaware, Beez Entertainment while being a distributor for Anime DVDs here in the UK, are also a distributor for Anime across Europe! Because of that, one key aspect of their DVD distribution, is catering to many European territories with each title. This includes both audio and subtitle tracks for the corresponding languages on their DVDs. In the case of ‘Durarara!!’, as announced at the MCM Expo this past May (see our transcript here for details) this was to be the first subtitle only release for Beez. Meaning there would be no English (or other language) audio track included on the DVD with the original Japanese audio and subtitles.

With the above in mind, Volume 1 is now slated for release on 29th November and Volume 2 will follow on 24th January 2011.

Sources: Beez Twitter / Play.com

Pocket Monsters Movie 14 news
On the official Japanese movie website for Pocket Monsters (or Pokemon for short), they’ve added a 20 second trailer revealing that the next film (the fourteenth in the series) will be released in cinemas next summer in Japan! The trailer features visuals of the 3 Lengedary Pokemon in the new ‘Pokemon Black and White’ games (known in Japanese as) Reshiram, Zekrom and Victini.

It’s also noted on the website that the thirteenth movie ‘Ruler Of Illusions: Zoroark’ (released in Japanese cinemas this past summer) is being released on DVD in Japan on December 17th. The most recent Pokemon movie to be released in English, was in 2009 with the 12th movie entitled ‘Arceus And The Jewel Of Life’. It’s currently unknown when the 13th movie will be released in English.

Source: ANN / Pokemon Japanese Movie Site

Naruto Shippuuden Volume 3 released!
And finally, Manga UK have released volume 3 of the very popular Naruto Shippuuden series on DVD this week!

This 2 disc set features episodes 27-39, and includes the English language audio along with the original Japanese soundtrack. Plus, for those who can’t speak Japanese, those handy optional English subtitles are also included!

This DVD packed with nearly 5 hours of great Anime, is available to purchase now!


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