Big Gundam UC news, Manga UK DVD news, ‘OreImo’ leaked episode update

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest mini blog post! Before we go into the news, apologies for the lack of updates over the last week. The Anime Chronicle team has been battling illness recently, and we’ve now recovered!

Beez reveal big ‘Gundam UC’ News!
The wonderful people over at Beez Entertainment have just revealed some big news regarding the second episode of the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn’!

In a press release (which can be read in full here) they announce that complete second episode of the OVA will be available UK residents the first time via the Playstation Network (PSN) prior to it’s release on Blu-Ray in Japan and the USA on November 12th! This viewing period will begin on October 30th, but if you want to sample a piece of the OVA now, you can do by heading over the to the Bandai channel website, where you can watch the first 14 minutes for free, with English subtitles to compliment the original Japanese audio!

You can view the 14 minute preview here.

No doubt, there will be more news regarding to this come shortly. Perhaps as soon as the London Expo next weekend! There is currently no set release date for Gundam UC episode 2 in the UK. Could this be the first step toward that information being revealed? Only time will tell!

Source: Beez Press Release

Manga UK DVD News!
Our friends over at Manga UK have revealed some information regarding a forthcoming release and a fairly popular title currently available in shops!

First of all, via their Twitter account on October 16th we were informed that the OVA ‘TO’ also known as ‘2001 Nights’. This work was directed by Fumihiko Sori (who also directed ‘Vexille’ in 2008, and was the producer for ‘Appleseed’ in 2004.)

The story begins in 2068 and follows colonies of humans in space trying to survive, and then moving to other star systems to house new colonies. For more information on the, click here.

In other Manga UK DVD News, they also revealed on their twitter that they (as it stands) will not be releasing the remainder of the ‘D.Gray-Man’! This is apparently due to neither them or Funimation (in the USA) acquiring the rights to the unreleased episodes. While possibility of an English dub is low, could this perhaps be a way for Manga UK to release the episodes subtitle only like Beez will be for ‘Durarara!!’ next month? Only time will tell! (For more information on this story, visit our friends at UK-Anime.)

Sources: Manga UK Twitter / ANN / UK-Anime

‘OreImo’ leaked episode update
Following up on the story of the leaked epispde of ‘OreImo’ we reported in on.
The CEO of Anime News Network (ANN for short,) issued a statement last Wednesday (October 13th) regarding the situation. In short, ANN assumes full responsibility for the episode being obtained from it’s servers. He said “…security measures believed to be in place on our video server failed and were unlawfully circumvented.”

In light of this, full refunds to anyone who subscribed to their premium service within a few days of the statement being published. They also apologized for potential negative effect this could have on the development of simulcasts.

To read the complete statement, click here.

Source: ANN / ANN Statement


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