Manga UK to release ‘Dance In The Vampire Bund’

The good folks over at Manga Entertainment UK have just announced through their ever active twitter account that they are set to release the ‘Dance In The Vampire Bund’ later this year.

As according to the official Funimation mini site for the series, the plot is as follows. “When Mina Tepes – Queen Of The Vampires – suddenly appears in Japan to establish a colony for her blood-sucking brethren, Akira Kaburagi’s world will never be the same. As a boy, Akira vowed to serve the ruler of the night, and now must fulfil his destiny by protecting Mina from those who would dethrone her!

This series is a 12 episode adaptation of the on-going Manga. It first aired in Japan at the start of 2010 and has since made its way over to the USA through Funimation. Interestingly, you can go onto the Funimation YouTube channel and view the series right now! (That’s right, it’s not region locked!) Episode 1 can be viewed with Japanese audio and English subtitles HERE.

Manga has literally confirmed as we’re writing this that they intend to release the series uncut by acquiring a BBFC rating of ’18’ and are planning to include an English dub when available.
(We’ll add more any more details if and when available.)

So far excluding the details above, details are limited. We’ll keep you posted should any more news on this release come to light!


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