UK News: Beez update release schedule, Gundam 00 preview stream, New Manga UK website launched!

Beez Entertainment recently updated their blog to reveal some upcoming releases!

First of all, regarding a series that has so much potential (and is highly recommended from Jeremy here at The Anime Chronicle) “Durarara!!”, volume 2 is set for release from all good retailers on March 28th.

Direct Beez themselves, here’s a synopsis for what lies ahead –
After saving a mysterious girl with a scar on her neck, Mikado finds himself chased by the headless rider. Shortly after this incident, the Dollars first meeting, suddenly organized by their mysterious leader, takes place in Ikebukuro and will become the field of a supernatural phenomenon, revealing the truth behind the entire masquerade.

But six month after the big Dollars meeting, even if Ikebukuro has at firstglance returned to normal, some troubling events are occurring again. Rumors about a strange being called “the Slasher” and an old gang named “the Yellow Scarves” are beginning to spread out. Mikado, Masaomi and Anri are facing new mysteries related to their respective pasts.

Who is the Dollars leader? And this so-called Slasher? And why are the Yellow Scarves reappearing after a long break?

This title is available for pre-order now as is Volume 3 that is set contain episode 25 of the series that has not aired on Japanese TV!

Next up is the next volume in the ever expanding Gundam franchise in the form of “Gundam 00 – Season 2, Volume 2”. Available for pre-order now and is also due out March 28th nationwide!

Here’s what you can expect in this volume of Gundam 00 –
In order to maintain peace, the Federation annihilates its opponents with the Memento Mori, a mass destruction satellite weapon. Back at its base Celestial Being is testing the 0 Raizer, proving the true strength of the Trans-Am system. But they are attacked by the A-Laws and forced to flee in urgency.

Celestial Being finally learns about the Memento Mori and decide to launch an attack with the assistance of Kataron, they all crash on Earth after the battle. Meanwhile a coup d’état is in progress in the African Tower. The local leader, Colonel Hank Mercury wants to reveal the A-Laws true face to the World, so he decides to take 60,000 civilians hostage.

Is there something the A-Laws can do to prevent a tragedy?

Speaking of Gundam, to digress sightly, on our most recent podcast we spoke to Stepahnie Sheh and Michael Sinternklaas about the Gundam Unicorn project. Well for those who might not be aware, the first 8 minutes of the third instalment are available for streaming right here!

It’s the English dubbed version too and should be a good taster of things to come for the full release!

And to conclude, some news from Manga UK. Following from the details of the Evangelion 2:22 and Akira releases yesterday, they have also launched a new website! You visit it over at The site features articles (with more to be added in due course), video previews and more! It appears as though this will be come the primary social portal for Manga UK, so be sure to check it out!


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