Manga UK to release upcoming ‘Yu Gi Oh’ movie as 3D Blu-Ray!

 Manga UK confirmed that following the nationwide cinema release of Yu Gi Oh 3D Movie, they will be releasing the film on DVD and in Blu-Ray. But not just the traditional Blu-Ray format as they’ll be making it available to purchase as a 3D Blu-Ray also!

Here is what they had to say on their twitter account:
We are happy to confirm that MangaUK will be releasing [YuGiOh The Movie] in glorious 3D on digital cinema screens across the UK starting on Saturday May 14th. Even cooler news. We are giving away a free ULTRA RARE [Yu Gi Oh] collectable [Trading Card Game card] with every ticket sold.
The movie will also be released on Blu-ray (with 3D ready and standard 2D HD presentation) and DVD on Monday 25th July. Site to launch with screen deets ASAP.

So mark that date in the diary everyone, Monday 25th July will be the date when you can own this 3D anime Blu-Ray release here in the UK!

The plot is as follows. In the future, the world has taken a turn for the worse. Civilization is on the brink of extinction. All hope of a brighter tomorrow has been cloaked with dark uncertainty. One man, however, thinks he can do something about it. With his world crumbling into chaos, a maniacal masked menace known as Paradox figures out a way to travel through time so that he can eliminate the scourge that he believes is responsible for causing his world to decay – the Duel Monsters card game! Paradox, determined to eradicate this perilous threat from the annals of time, begins rewriting the future by erasing the game — one card at a time.

Standing in his way are three legendary duelists who will do whatever it takes to save what’s on the line – their friends, their family and the game they love. For the first time ever, Yugi, Jaden and Yusei will team together and battle with all their hearts in a duel that will decide the past, present and future!
[Synopsis taken from the American based website]

Below you can view the US trailer for the film.


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