‘Fairy Tail’ UK DVD release confirmed

The good folks over at Manga UK have been busy over the last week or so when it comes to release dates. And they’ve added to that release date via their ever so handy Twitter account.

‘Fairy Tail’, the series that focuses on a young girl by the name of Lucy who aims to become a full-fledged mage, but on the way bumps into a man by the name of Natsu who is already a member of the one of the most well known mage guilds, Fairy Tale.

Manga have confirmed that volume one of the series will contain episodes one through twelve. They also commented saying it’s not one hundred percent confirmed an English dub will be included. The following comment came in response to being questioned on if there will be a dub included in their release: “we are not the right people to ask as it would originate in the US, with the US distributor. I’m assuming there will be a dub.” As Manga said, one would assume there would be a dub, but it is down to the US distributor to commission a dub to be recorded. I personally hope there will be one included.

In addition to this the release has been revealed as… February 2012. Yes it’s a long way away, but at least it’s confirmed that the series will indeed makes its way over to these shores.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments regarding this release.


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