Dir En Grey to release new single in June!

Japanese metallers Dir En Grey are set to return to the UK in August (see our previous post here) for a one off show as part their ‘2011 Paradox Of Retaliation’ European tour. In preparation for the tour (and release of their forthcoming album due to hit the world in November) they will be giving fans a taster of what to expect as they will release a new single in June!

The single is entitled ‘Different Sense’ and is described as “Boldness and sensitivity. Complex but straightforward. It leads you into an untrodden, chaotic terrain with a wild mixture of hard core sounds with unique melody, and drastically changing scenes. Prior to the launch of their nearly-finished original album, DIR EN GREY is now ready to release a ferocious and stimulating single” on their website.

This description certainly gives the impression that this single (and possibly some of the forthcoming album) will have a very heavy sound to it. It’s also been revealed on their facebook page that the two of the people working with the band on the production side of things are mixing engineer Tue Madsen (who has previously worked with August Burn Red, The Haunted and Suicide Silence) and mastering engineer Alan Douches (who has worked with Hatebreed and Job For A Cowboy). These two names do give me the impression we could be looking at some very heavy sounds from Dir En Grey. Perhaps around the same level as previous single ‘Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamituita Shakunetsu no Yami’. Their recent single ‘Lotus’ was a vast contrast to “Hageshisa…” being heavy yet a lot slower on top of the vocal portion of the song being clean vocals as oppose to the gutteral sounding scream that Kyo (vocalist) is known for.

The new track will be released as two versions. The standard CD version and the initial limited edition version that is set to contain both the CD and a special DVD.

The single is set for release on June 22nd in Japan. If anyone reading this would like to order the single, CD Japan are now taking pre-orders for both versions.
-Pre-order ‘Limited Edition’ CD+DVD version here.
-Pre-order regular CD version here.


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