Hyper Japan weekender from July 22nd-24th in London!

Hi everyone. We just wanted to bring to your attention an event that we’ll be attending on July 22nd known as ‘Hyper Japan’.

In short, it’s a convention held in London that focuses on different aspects of Japanese culture such as delicacies like Sushi, to the 2011 cosplay awards there is defeintely something for everyone when it comes to Japanese culture.

Here’s the info direct from Hyper Japan themselves – “HYPER JAPAN 2011 will be held on Friday 22 July, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July 2011 at Olympia Two in London. HYPER JAPAN is all about cuisine, culture and cool: everything that’s creative, cute and crazy about contemporary Japan, and we’ll be updating this section with details of what you can expect to see: exhibitors, sponsors, stage events, attractions and more.”

For all the information on what will be available at Hyper Japan, please visit their website HERE. Tickets are available now inlcuding day tickets for a discounted price of £8 for a limited time! (Be sure to be quick if you want a day ticket as this offer is only on a limited number of tickets before they are raised back to the regular price of £12.)

Some of the performance based events over the weekend will include one of J-Pop’s most exciting stars,Kanon Wakeshima performing two charity concerts! This cellist and singer is managed by visual-kei and fashion icon MANA and will also be available for a signing on Saturday 23rd June at the Wasabi Records booth. You can view her song “Lolitawork Libretto” below –

Also in attendance will be one of Japan’s leading young comedy duos, JARUJARU, who will be appearing at HYPER JAPAN on Friday 22 July at 10.30am. JARUJARU are a hugely popular, multi-award winning young manzai comedy duo, comprising Junpei Kondo (left) and Shusuke Fukutoku (right). JARUJARU were formed in April 2004, and the pair was soon snapped up by Yoshimoto Kogyo, Japan’s top entertainment company. Today, JARUJARU regularly perform at Base Yoshimoto, a comedy theatre in Osaka. They also make regular appearances on various TV shows and radio stations.

This is the second time that JARUJARU have appeared in London: they previously visited the city to make a one night only appearance at Lost Theatre, the DVD of which is now available in Japan. “JARUJARU are not only popular but they also have very high quality stories, and are known as the next generation of great skit comedians”.

It’s going to be a great weekend at the Olympia so be sure to head there if you can. We’ll be at the event and will be sure to give you a full report on our experience there! For more information on Hyper Japan, visit there website at hyperjapan.co.uk


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