Manga UK present unique Voice Acting video project!

Manga Entertainment UK have released a little video project that saw renowned cosplayer Linda Le (who is often known as ‘Vampy Bit Me’,) travel to Bang Zoom! Entertainment in Los Angeles to embark on some voice acting training and ultimately record a voice over to be used in one of the video blogs that Manga have been releasing via their website and youtube channels in recent months.

Below is a brief preview clip of the entire video of Linda Le at Bang Zoom! Entertainment –

(This preview video was also showcased at the recent Anime Expo convention in the USA by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.) The very insightful complete ten minute video of Linda Le at Bang Zoom! Entertainment studios can be viewed at through their inbuilt video player on the front page.

Below you can view the video blog for the release of Evangelion 2.22 that she recorded the voice over for:

Be you someone who is looking to head into voice acting as a career or just an Anime fan in general, these are definitely worth checking out to give a very unique opportunity to see how the process all comes together!


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