New UK summer season simulcast announced

The Summer season of streaming anime simulcasts is fast approaching and a number of title have been announced for us Anime fans to indulge in. They are as follows:

*Usagi Drop Available to the UK through Anime On Demand Usagi Drop is the first title be announced for streaming here in the UK through the fine folks at Anime On Demand.

The series follows “Daikichi Kawachi [who is] is just a regular, 30-year-old, single guy. He returns home to attend his grandfather’s funeral only to discover that his grandfather had an illegitimate daughter by an unknown woman. The child, 6-year-old Rin, is bitterly unwanted and neglected by the family. This angers Daikichi enough to adopt Rin as his own, despite having no parental experience.

The heart-warming slice of life story follows Daikichi’s struggles and successes as a single parent, and Rin’s passage from childhood into adolescence. The manga made us laugh, cry, and left us with smiles on our faces, so we’re incredibly excited about Usagi Drop’s anime debut.

Anime on Demand subscribers can tune in this Thursday [today, or depending when you’re reading this July 7th] to watch the first episode of Usagi Drop at the same time as Japanese viewers.” [Series info from Anime On Demand]

*Cat God (aka Natsume Yuujinchou) Available to the UK through Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll describe the series as follows – “Mayu is a nekogami (cat god) who leads a life of playing games while Koyama Yuzu runs an antique shop. Mayu will be visited by many other gods whom lead a life of enjoyment.

You can watch a preview for the series HERE.

The series is set to debut to premium members of the site on July 8th (tomorrow) and for everyone else from July 15th.

*Yuri Yuri Available to the UK through Crunchyroll

Our good friends at UK-Anime describe this series as follows – YuruYuri, an adaptation of a comedy manga, featuring staff working on the project which includes both the director and writer of Mitsudomoe and Minami-ke’s first season, about a group of female friends who take over a former clubroom at their school to use for their own amusement.

The first episode is available to watch now at Crunchyroll with the a new episode to be added every Tuesday.

*Kamisama Dolls Available to the UK through Crunchyroll UK-Anime describe the series as follows: Brain’s Base supernatural action-drama manga adaptation which the trials and tribulations of a college student named Kyouhei, who moves away from Tokyo to escape from some unspecified issues there only to find himself caught up in a bloody murder that appears to have been carried out by an old friend of his sister’s and his decidedly spooky “doll”.

If you are a premium member of the site, you can watch the first episode now with the next episode set be available from July 12th. If you’re not a premium member, the launch of the first episode will be from July 12th.

*Natsume Yujincho Available to the UK through Crunchyroll Finally, we come to Natsume Yujincho. A series that Crunchyroll has previously been streaming but never available to us here in the UK. Well the third season will be part of their lineup to the UK along with the previous two seasons! Crunchyroll describe the series as “Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him.

Episodes 1-27 are available to view now with the episode 28 (the first of the new season) set to be available to premium members from July 11th.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on other developments involving the summer season for UK streaming Anime!


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