Hyper Japan floor plan released!

Next weekend it’s Hyper Japan at Olympia in London. Some more details have been released by the fine folks over at HyperJapan.co.uk

A detailed floor plan and running order has been released in pdf format HERE.

The floor plan details that the ground floor will primarily be dedicated to food and culture, while the lower ground floor will house entertainment and bazaar companies. Interesting to not that the now discontinued Tokyopop manga publisher will have a stall on the lower ground floor and will likely be having clearance stock much like they did at London Expo.

Also set to be on the show floor as part of the ‘entertainment’ section of the convention, our good friends at Anime On Demand, Konami, Nintendo, Namco-Bandai Games and Square Enix products.

If you’d like a more visual look at what the event will be like, we suggest heading over to the official Hyper Japan Youtube channel where view videos like the one below –

Be sure to head over to HyperJapan.co.uk for all the information regarding the event!


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