App News – Gundam themed iPhone GPS released in Japan!

The folks over at Andriasang have reported that iPhone users in Japan are able to purchase what could well be the start of an amazing trend of applications when it comes to the field of Satellite Navigation, otherwise more commonly referred to here in the UK as ‘Sat-Nav’ and ‘GPS’ in the USA.

Namco Bandai have unveiled the first of it’s line of ‘Character Navi’ apps for the Apple iPhone. Which is a Sat-Nav app with the theme of an Anime. The first series to be immortalised in getting Japanese drivers from point A to point B is… Gundam!

That’s right, for approximately £30.00 in Japan, granting you one year of usage, iPhone 4 and 3GS owners can have the Earth Federation or Zeon direct them to their destination. (You can choose either as your theme for the app.)

As you can see from the screenshots, your car is depicted as a mobile suit which can encounter ‘battle events’ where another mobile suit will appear and you have to defeat them! Now before you think you have to beat the other mobile suit otherwise you can’t continue your journey, the designers have come up with a clever and super simple way of defeating said enemy mobile suit… simply drive on and you’ll advance past the enemy. Meaning absolutely no interaction is needed on your part. (Yes, it really is that simple.)

It’s currently unknown how often you will encounter these ‘battle events’. Once would assume not as much as a game like Final Fantasy, but you never know.

It is also not known if this app (or any future apps of this kind) will be released here in the UK but we can safely say it is a brilliant idea and would make any iPhone a lot cooler. (Imagine driving to a convention like the London Expo with Amuro Ray telling you where to go.)


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