Beez warehouse burned down during London riots

As I’m sure everyone reading this is aware there has been rioting and looting in the streets of London recently. The situation has now affected Beez Entertainment, one of the UK’s Anime distributors in a big way.

Our friends over at UK Anime noted that Beez, via Twitter, made it known the warehouse containing their stock was burned to the ground during the rioting in London last night.

We’d like to apologize to fans just now – there will be a slowdown in stock dispatch due to our warehouse burning down in the riots. The important thing is that at least from reports no workers were hurt. We’re working as quickly as possible to find solutions but it will take a little bit of time to fix, thanks for your patience on this.

An short update followed: “Thanks for the well wishes guys – right now all we know is the place was torched. We’ll update as soon as we have it. Best case: There’s stock left and things can be brought on track quickly. Worst case will take longer. Also worth mentioning is it’s not our staff – but was at Sony DADC’s warehouse. Their staff are reported to be OK though.

Obviously this is terrible news. Our thoughts go out to everyone at Beez and those affected by the London riots.


Programming note – We’re set to record our podcast later today (Tuesday 9th). It will be made available tomorrow morning. We’ll be discussing this news along with other topics. We’ll also bring you a preview of the big Ayacon convention in a few weeks time. Our good friend Andy Hanley of UK-Anime will be joining us on the podcast to add his insight too!

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions you’d like conveyed on the podcast, please email us at by no later than 7pm UK time tonight.


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