Music News: Kanon x Kanon to play in London!

On the horizon at the O2 Islington Academy in November is ‘Kanon x Kanon’. You may recognise the name as it includes Kanon Wakeshima who appeared at Hyper Japan earlier this Summer. You can read the full press release below –

kanon x kanon x kanon Euro Tour 2011

Experience the stage match-up of Lolita sensation “Cello Vocalist” Kanon Wakeshima and the “2.5th-dimensional phenomenal musical unit” kanon x kanon!

Kanon Wakeshima, Tokyo’s one and only “Cello vocalist” comes back to Europe to perform. Kanon’s rich, haunting sound, rooted in her classical music background, blends into current pop music and Gothic & Lolita street fashion culture.

In addition, she will be joined by another “kanon”, famed Antic Cafe bassist Kanon, to have their European debut as the unit “kanon x kanon” (pronounced ‘kanon kanon’)! The duo’s deep affection for Anime and Anime songs, mixed with their distinctive visual expression, is definitely something unprecedented.

Like a diamond with many facets, “kanon” and “kanon x kanon” sparkle in many colors – feel them all and welcome to this truly special concert by “kanon x kanon x kanon”.

The UK leg of this european tour is set to be on November 18th. Tickets are due to go on sale on September 5th. We’ll make sure to post the ticket purchasing link when available. If you’re an O2 UK customer, chances are you might get a pre-sale a day or two before.

For those of you perhaps wanting a little more from the concert, you might want to read the info below – “At a later date, we plan to offer a limited number of ticket holders a chance to upgrade their tickets with certain amenities. We’ll let you know as soon as we set the details.

You can view the video for the first single by Kanon×Kanon “Calendula Requiem” below

For more information on Kanon×Kanon you can visit their site HERE or their facebook page HERE.


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