App News & Review: Ghost In The Shell ‘Optical Camouflage Camera’

Are you a Ghost In The Shell fan and wish that you could have some kind of optical camouflage to blend into your surroundings. Then this app brings you one step closer to that dream in the form of the Ghost In The Shell ‘Optical Camouflage Camera’ app for the iPhone.

The app released this week by Production I.G. to celebrate the 3D version of ‘Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society’ allows you to make a person or certain objects blend into its surroundings. Here’s the official description of the application and how it works: This camera allows you to take pictures or record videos of objects that turn transparent and blend in with the background. The visual effect is exactly as the one achieved with the Optical Camouflage featured in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. With this camera, you can also take pictures or videos of transparent people.

It’s extremely easy to use and can connect to Twitter and Facebook. Create your own reality in ways previously thought impossible. Experience Optical Camouflage!

[Controls] 1. Start the application and hold the smartphone in your hand or place it close by. 2. Be sure your smartphone it won’t move or shake. 3. Start Optical Camouflage Camera Mode by pressing the middle button. 4. Take pictures or record a video!”

My initial thoughts: This is a pretty cool app if I am honest. Being a big fan of the franchise I saw this and just had to download it. Currently available at a 50% discount during it’s initial launch period (although it’s not clear how long this will be) at £1.49. At that price I think it’s worth it based on the limited use I have had with it.

You’ve got the choice of using either camera on the iPhone4 (the device I’m using this app with) and can seemingly make an object or person in front of you have camouflage. There are also some pre-loaded GITS screenshots to blend yourself into. 12 to be exact that include an empty shopping centre with a line of Tachikoma standing guard, Kusanagi and Batou standing next to each other, even a sniper on a rooftop. There is also Twitter and Facebook integration so you can share these with your friends too. You can even activate a motion screen that resembles sight through the camera as though your are a cyborg and can see data being processed at the same time. (See screenshot to right.)

If you’ve got the money and/or are a fan of camera apps, why not give it a try.

Price: £1.49 (during initial launch period.) Release date: 1st September 2011 Purchase from iTunes HERE.

There are some other Ghost In The Shell apps which we’ll make sure to bring you details on in the coming weeks!

– Jeremy Graves


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