‘Scotland Loves Anime’ lineup & schedule revealed!

Following our recent news note on the first and second Mardock Scramble movies being part of the lineup for the annual Scotland Loves Anime festival in October. Full details on what will be on offer (with the exception of one title that will be announced next week) are now available below –

Glasgow, October 7th – October 9th

Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D Interstella 5555

Saturday 8th:

Arrietty (dubbed children’s screening) Hotarubi no Mori E + 2 Episodes of Related Anime (EU premiere) Mardock Scramble Parts 1 (Scottish premiere) and 2 (EU premiere)

Sunday 9th:

Escaflowne the Movie (UK premiere, classic screening) Colourful (UK premiere) Secret Film – To Be Announced September 12th (UK premiere)

Edinburgh, October 14th – October 16th

The Princess and the Pilot (UK premiere) Coicent/Towanoquon/Five Numbers (UK premiere) 1 x Special Screenings (UK premiere, announcement on September 12th)

Hotarubi no Mori E + 2 Episodes of Related Anime Colourful Mardock Scramble Parts 1 and 2 Tekken Blood Vengeance (2D) 1 x Special Screenings (announcement on September 12th)

[Edinburgh times on each day to be confirmed soon.]

“Our films page will be updated with more detail over the next week and tickets will go on sale for both cities in the next two weeks for Scotland Loves Anime 2011. We’re immensely excited about this year’s festival and can’t wait to see you there!”

For more information on Scotland Loves Anime, you can visit the official website HERE.


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