DVD Review – Birdy The Mighty Decode – Part 2

‘Birdy The Mighty Decode’ Part 2 picks up from where the first left off. Following the phenomenon that occurred at the end of the previous season, a month on it has been established that the general public has been unable to determine what exactly happened that night, (of course we the viewer of the series are fully aware) but we can certainty see the devastation this disaster has left.

It is also made clear within the first episode what the overlaying plot of this season is. We begin with travelling prisoner ship being overrun by prisoners. This opening scene in many ways harping back to the opening scene from season one when Birdy was chasing a criminal through space except this time the narrative makes you aware that certain plot devices hinted at previously will likely be explored in the coming episodes. Knowing what the general story was going revolve around so early on together with being introduced to the main antagonists gave me an indication this second season was going to be quite the departure from the first. An example of this is the darker overtone that was brought to the forefront with a cold heartless killing within the opening few minutes of first the episode.

Another example is comedic elements being less prevalent. Now this is by no means a detriment (and this also not to say it is prevalent at all), but when they occur can be described as moments of relief for the characters and remind you of the human side of them.

The viewer also gets to delve into the psyche of the main protagonist Birdy during one of many points of exploration into the past in perhaps some of the best storytelling in this collection. We find out about the upbringing of Birdy and how it has effected her as a person. This combined with other scenarios that genuinely shocked me because of how dark and (to put it bluntly) violent they were made for great viewing and overall a fantastic series to really get connected to.

I should note regarding the shocking and violent scenes that while there were dark elements present in the first season, most of those pale in comparison to what you see within the first two episodes of this release alone! It takes a lot to get me to be as shocked as I was at times, but it needs to be known that this does not alienate you because it all fits so well within the context of the story. (I’m not complaining about them in the slightest but thought for the purposes of this review it should be mentioned.)

The fact this season has such a serious overtone throughout it made it all the more enjoyable. Perhaps me not being aware of this before I watched helped a lot. But given my memories of the first season are so strong and I was almost craving for darker themes to be introduced back then, by the time I had finished watching episode 2 of this collection in some ways I felt as though I was watching an entirely different series let alone season. This is by far one of my favourite series of anime to watch this year. The story telling combined with the explanations of copius amounts of details teased in season one made it for such an enjoyable viewing experience that I’d happily watch it again anytime.

For those wanting a bit extra too there is a fun OVA set after the events of season two exploring yet more elements of the plot stemming from season one that also leaves a possibility for there to be yet more of this franchise in the future.

I whole heartedly reccommend that if you enjoyed season one you must check out season two. If you’re someone reading this who has yet to indulge in the franchise it is well worth investing your time in.

‘Birdy The Mighty Decode’ – Part 2 is available now in retailers thanks to Manga Entertainment UK. Amazon UK / Play.com / HMV

Jeremy Graves


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