Preview – Dragon Ball Z ‘Ultimate Tenkaichi video game

Dragon Ball Z fans rejoice as the next instalment of the franchise on home consoles is set to be released on October 28th as ‘Ultimate Tenkaichi’ lands in Europe.

“In Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, prepare to dive into the world of Dragon Ball manga, TV anime, films and video games head first, with brand new content and game play, a comprehensive character line up and faithful manga style graphics.

Featuring the original Japanese voiceover and music, the enhanced story mode will immerse players in the rich variety of the Dragon Ball universe, where every element of the battle will thrill. The game will also include a special mode which allows the player to experience the brand new age of Dragon Ball Z. The controls are being designed to bring the experience closer to the previous Tenkaichi series, making the play accessible to all, but retaining all the tactical depth in battle. You will find out totally destructible battle fields, including realistic craters and Kamehameha tracers cutting across the sky, delivering a heightened sensation of realism and dynamic immediacy.”

Check out some gameplay footage of Trunks vs. Android 17 below –

With this game being released on October 28th in europe, and conveniently that’s the same day as the first day of the London MCM Expo we could we expect to see in the game in action there!


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