Crunchyroll to simulcast ‘Digimon Xros Wars’

Another UK addition to this seasons simulcast lineup has been announced as Crunchyroll will be streaming Digimon Xros War: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time. This is a sequel to previous Xros Wars series that aired in Japan from the summer of 2010 through to September of this year and is the seventh series in the Digimon franchise.

The plot follows from a year on from where the previous season left of. Team Xros (the lead groups of protagonists) have now formed a basketball team. One of the members of the team finds a place between the human and digital worlds known as DigiQuartz. It is here that Digimon hunters appear. They are trying to capture Digimon that are corrupted thanks to their presence being compromised by the human and digital worlds. A hunter has the potential to make these corrupted Digimon stronger by using them in conjunction with their current Digimon. Team Xros decide to get involved in the hunt and the adventure begins with the main goal being to protect their world from these corrupted Digimon and the other groups of hunters present in DigiQuartz.

Although the series has not yet begun simulcasting on Crunchyroll, the series began airing in October. You can watch the opening credits to sample some of this series below –

Once the series begins on Crunchyroll you can watch each episode HERE.


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