Animetal USA taking suggestions for second album!

A group we introduced you to a few months ago ‘Animetal USA’ who perform power metal style covers of anime themes have announced they are preparing to record their follow up to their debut self titled album but with a twist. They are taking suggestions from fans worldwide for song they should include on the album. You can submit as many suggestions as you want but the only criteria being it must be an anime opening or ending theme song.

The deadline to submit suggestions is December 21st. There are also signed posters up for grabs and the possibility of having your name credited on the next album if your suggestion is included in the final product.

Do take into account that their debut CD featured the following songs:

  1. Space Battleship Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato)
  2. Gatachaman no Uta (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)
  3. Mazinger Medley (Mazinger)
  4. Makafushigi Advanture (Dragon Ball)
  5. Zankokuna Tenshi no Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  6. Ai o Tormidose (Fist Of The North Star)
  7. Ganbare Dokaben (Dokaben | “Mr. Baseball” in English)
  8. Pegasus Fatasy (Saint Seiya)
  9. Ike! Tiger Mask (Tiger Mask)
  10. Kinnikuman GO FIGHT! (Kinnikuman | “Ultimate Muscle” in English)
  11. Yuke Yuke Hyuuma (Kyojin no Hoshi | “Star of Giants” in English)

You can purchase their debut album from CD-Japan HERE.

If you want to make suggestions of themes that you feel could work really well with a power metal makeover CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to the submission page where all terms and conditions are listed too.

Here are a few video clips demonstrating what they are like when performing live and a brief interview from Japanese television (that maintains the orignal English audio of the band members) hosted by ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.


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