One Piece Gold Playstation 3 console to be released in Japan

It’s been said quite a lot by the most of the western anime community that Japan get so many unique items of merchandise that will likely never see a release in the western world. Well for those of you who are fans of the series One Piece and are into gaming on the Playstation 3 prepare to feel that way again with the announcement of themed special edition PS3 console in conjunction with the One Piece Kaizoku Musou (which translate as Pirate Warriors) video game in March.

The announcement revealed that a gold coloured Playstation 3 console with an image of the main protagonist Luffy gracing the face hardware along with logo of the game will be released at the launch of the new video game. For those purchasing the game alone or the console package early into its release a redeemable download code will be included with ten unique PS3 themes with one of those being exclusively with the game. (You can see a screenshot of one of the themes below.)

Here is the screenshot of the one of the redeemable themes that be downloaded with purchase of the game.

If you have (a lot) of money to spare importing this console upon release will cost you around £315.00 (not including postage and any potential customs charges) with the current exchange rate. Who knows maybe this console will see the light of day in the UK but there one thing to remember about PS3 consoles, virtually all of the games on the console are region free. This meaning that should you buy this console you will be able to play UK games on it. You can also change the menus to English. I believe the only region locking on the console is related to movies discs with Japan being region 2 for DVD and Region A for Blu-Ray.

You can see some gameplay footage of Kaizoku Musou below –


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