Is Beez Entertainment no more?

Although at the time of posting this news is still unconfirmed, our friends over at UK-Anime have made it known a French website has revealed Beez Entertainment is closing its doors. This news comes following (though not linked given the apparent timeline of events) Bandai Visual, a US anime distributor, ceasing all operations resulting in the discontinuation of it’s manga, DVD & Blu-Ray licenses a few days ago. Licenses of which had an effect to the UK market.

If these reports are true it would mean Beez ceased operations back in early December, there would be no more reprinting of the stock lost during the London riots last year and any remaining existing stock would be handled by Bandai France.

Beez is/was certainly a unique distributor as they not only distributed anime in the UK but simultaneously throughout Europe also. They licensed a wide variety of series ranging from multiple incarnations of the Gundam franchise, The Vision Of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop (which just saw the remastered ‘Remix’ edition released as an Anime Legends boxset in the UK) and the subtitle only release of the the series Durarara.

As UK-Anime made clear, a statement has not been released by the UK office of Beez to address this but we will bring more news on this as and when it becomes available.


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