Astro Boy appears during the biggest wrestling event in Japan at the Tokyo Dome!

This past Wednesday, 4th January, the biggest professional wrestling event in Japan at the 55,000 seater Tokyo Dome entitled ‘Wrestle Kingdom VI’ took place. Featuring some of best wrestlers from all over the globe this was truly one of grandest stages in wrestling and biggest event on the Japanese wrestling calendar. What has this got to do with anime you ask? A very well known anime character made an appearance to accompany four wrestlers to ringside during that very show.

Mighty Astro, who we know better as Astro Boy, was present at the Tokyo Dome with classic footage of him flying was displayed on two giant screens (see below) before making his way down to the ring while accompanying his team that included legendary Japanese wrestler Tiger Mask, a persona that was based on the popular manga serialisation of the same name during the late 60’s and a 105 episode anime series in the early 70’s. [Click the image above to enlarge]

As you can see from the photos there is a fashion trend in this team as they were sporting a new shirt. A take on the New Japan Pro Wrestling logo and it’s “King Of Sports” monicker (see right). The shirt is available now via the New Japan Pro Wrestling Website HERE and the shirt will set you back thirty of your finest english pounds (excluding shipping and possible customs charges).

In case you’re wondering Mighty Astro did not get into the ring (to no doubt defeat all competition that would have stood in his way). He simply led the four men to ringside and encouraged the gigantic Tokyo Dome attendees to cheer his team on. Who knows though, maybe one day we’ll see Mighty Astro lace up a pair of boots and step inside the ring. We will be sure to keep you posted on any developments in the New Japan Pro Wrestling /Mighty Astro relationship.


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