An update on Animetal USA

As referenced in a previous article, a quartet of heavy metal veterans have ventured over to Japan to embark on a new musical project where they recreate anime themes into power metal (or as it’s sometimes referred to – speed metal) songs while at the same time translating all lyrics into English known as Animetal USA.

They were unveiled to the Japanese public back in October receiving critical acclaim for their eleven song debut record “Animetal USA” (that included the themes from Dragon Ball, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Saint Seiya & Gatchaman) that was released exclusively in Japan by Sony and were even the opening band at the annual Loud Park Festival in their first live performance together. Since then there hasn’t really been much word on what is next for the band – aside from confirmation that a second album is in the works and some press coverage to keep them in the limelight. One of their recent appearances includes a performance of “Uchuusenkan Yamato” the opening theme to the series Space Battleship Yamato (also known as Stars Blazers in many territories) that can be viewed by clicking HERE. (It even has the complete lyrics as English subtitles too!)

But what is next for the band?

In an interview with Dean Guitars – one of the premiere manufacturers of guitars that guitarist Chris Impellitteri uses – at the recent NAAM Music Convention in Los Angles the band have confirmed they are working on their second album. They have a new drummer and they will be playing their first international concert later this year! Chris is pictured (left) on the cover of a recent issue of “Young Guitar” magazine as himself and his Speed King persona in the band.

When it comes to the new album the band have said in this same interview it’s scheduled to be released in May. A title has not be revealed for the follow up effort at this time but they are hopeful the record will see a worldwide release – something that was not achieved with their debut record “Animetal USA” last year. Whether this will be a simultaneous worldwide release or not known at this time. No tracks have been confirmed but stemming from a campaign on their website back in December we are aware they have been taking suggestions from fans worldwide as to what songs they could include on this impending album.

From a lineup perspective the original drummer Scott Travis has been involved with the ongoing world tour for heavy metal icons Judas Priest. It appears this ultimately led to a mutual parting to make way for former Slayer drummer Jon Dette to join the fold. Chris Impelliteri commented on his appointment into band saying “we tried a million guys and he was the only guy to be honest we thought wow, this guy really cut it.”

It has been confirmed they will be touring once the new record has been released. They already have a short tour in Japan with JAM Project, the Japan Animationsong Makers – a group comprised of voice artists that feature in a variety of anime, and according to bassist Rudy Sarzo (known as Storm-Bringer in the band) they will also be playing their first concert in North America this coming June at the annual Anime Expo convention (though it should be noted this not been officially announced or confirmed by the band or Anime Expo at this time).

Big things are on the way for Animetal USA. We will definitely be keeping you up to date with this project. Who knows there could well be more international dates in the works if they do indeed get a worldwide release of their second album. Stay tuned and be sure to watch the video below of their version of the original Dragon Ball opening theme timed with footage of the opening itself. (The video below is an extract of their song put to the footage from the show.)

Original Version –

Animetal USA Version –

If you’re interested in ordering their “Animetal USA” debut album you can order at CD Japan HERE.

Jeremy Graves


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