Bleach anime coming to an end – Warner Bros movie in the works?!

It has been officially confirmed that the Bleach anime will be coming to a end in Japan with the final episode set to air on March 27th. Interestingly though the actual manga of the franchise is still very much in full force and continues further than the anime itself leaving to the possibility that there may be some form of specials, OVA or even movies to continue the story in animated form.

Bleach is being released in the United Kingdom on DVD by Manga Entertainment who are set to release the first volume of the of season eight in March. With their season seven boxset concluding with episode 151 there is certainly a lot more of the series hopefully in the pipeline for release on top of the upcoming third animated movie “Fade To Black”.

However speaking of movies there is some other news that has come to light that is certain to get the internet talking. Warner Bros studios have apparently purchased the rights to develop a live action Bleach movie. It looks to be produced by Dan Mazeau – who has written the script for the upcoming Wrath Of The Titans movie – and could well have Peter Segal as producer or director also. Segal was involved in the recent Get Smart film.

We will certainly keep you up to date on any additional news relating to this movie. One can only help this ends up being a good live action anime movie. That being said anything has to better than Dragonball Evolution, right?


3 comments on “Bleach anime coming to an end – Warner Bros movie in the works?!

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  2. pretty much bleach is a great series its simple but lacks a good story not saying the story is really bad but in areas its not an blow away fullmetal alchmist brotherhood worthy or claymore but the movie talks we have seen this before with dbz being a movie in the us and it was bad as hell but hopefully warner brothers do mess it up and kubo somehow demands warner bros not to ruin it since it could harm the series as a whole if it does

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