is now global! Digital manga available to the UK!

When it comes to the world of print media it is on a big decline. With machines like the Kindle and applications on a variety of mobile devices the media that once required you to have to lug a book everywhere is now more compact than ever. Even comic books & graphic novels are following the same path and also making titles available on digital platforms. The likes of Marvel Comics & DC Comics – famous for bringing characters such as the X-Men and the Justice League to the world respectively – have begun making their content accessible and affordable to the digital consumer. An advent of similar ilk has been wanted by many & more than likely dreaded by others since avenues like these were created. It looks like the first big step toward a viable source for the UK market for reading digital manga has finally been achieved with JManga.

JManga first came into the public light in December of 2010 in the USA. It’s goal to be a legal monetarily controlled source of translated manga from Japan that benefits both the publishers and readers. Today – Tuesday 28th February – marked a big step in the development of that platform as they announced “ is now global”. This means that manga readers wanting to embark on this digital platform from outside the USA & Canada can access the features of the site.

We’ll be following up on this news on our next podcast – set to be recorded later this week if all goes well – giving our thoughts on the advent of reading manga on a digital level as well. We will also discuss how the service works as it runs on a subscription fee utilising a points system to purchase manga – appearing to be similar to how Microsoft run their Xbox live service. In the meantime be sure to visit to see what will be on offer and be sure to let us know what you think of this news too.


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