One Piece ‘Kabuto’ slingshot weapon comes to life!

When you watch an anime that features weapons – be them guns or swords for example – occasionally there is one that looks so innovative you’d love to know how it would actually work in real life. Although not Anime, Star Trek is known for inspiring people to create handheld devices like the iphone and even sliding doors. With that in mind what would happen if a weapon like the Kabuto slingshot used by Usopp/Sogeking in One Piece was actually constructed for real use?

This is where Jorge Sprave of the Slingshot Channel on YouTube comes into the conversation as he created this very weapon and filmed a video demonstrating it’s capabilities.

Even Sonny Strait – the English language voice actor of Usopp in One Piece, has commented on the video saying “How amazing!… I am blown away by your inventiveness.”

The thing that stands out to me the most about this is the destructive power of the Kabuto.The first time in the video he launched a ball from the slingshot, the sound it produced genuinely shocked & amazed me. A big question now would to be imagine what other slingshot based weapons – if any – could also be created by this very talented fellow.

Source: Technabob via Crunchyroll


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