Crunchyroll adds “Nyrako-san: Another Crawling Chaos” to spring season streaming lineup

Following the news of Crunchyroll streaming Hiiro No Kakera during the forthcoming spring anime season, another title has been added to their lineup in the form of Nyrako-san: Another Crawling Chaos.

“Based on the light novel by Manta Aisora with illustrations by Koin, Nyarko-san is heavily inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, creator of the famed Cthulhu Mythos that have become one of the foundations of the SF and horror genres.”

The official synopsis from Crunchyroll reads “The ordinary becomes extraordinary, as our protagonist Mahiro Yasaka – an average high school student – suddenly encounters a Nyarlathotep: a formless Cthulhu deity of chaos, who decides to take form as a silver-haired human-like alien. This Nyarlathotep – aptly named Nyarko – may seem like a normal gal, but there’s much more to her than meets the eye! In their encounters together, she ends up saving Mahiro’s life, inextricably tying their lives together…”

In terms of the distribution, it will be handled differently to a regular simulcast by Crunchyroll. Before the spring season officially begins, seasons one & two of this show to will be added to their site. This process began today (Monday 5th March) with the the first four episodes of season one that are available for streaming HERE. Blocks of new episodes will then be added each week until season two has been completed. Season three will then begin airing in April.


2 comments on “Crunchyroll adds “Nyrako-san: Another Crawling Chaos” to spring season streaming lineup

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