Next Japan Underground event set for Saturday 24th March ft. ASIDBLOW

Following a successful event this past weekend Japan Underground have announced their next event of live music will take place on Saturday 24th March at the Pipeline, located at 94 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7DA.

Japanese rockers ASIDBLOW set to make their first overseas performance in London

The event will see the first overseas performance of Japanese rockers ASIDBLOW. The band have quite the interesting list of influences ranging from Mötley Crüe and Kurt Cobain to Japan’s own alternative music legend hide (the late guitarist of X Japan).

Japan Underground have provided the following information regarding the live performances on the 24th.
In 2011 the band concentrated their activities on conquering Tokyo’s indie scene and finished the year with a solo show at Shibuya’s Duo Music Exchange, the 1,350 capacity venue part-owned by Jay Kay from Jamiroqui. This year is already taking the group in exciting new directions with the members currently appearing in hit Japanese music-drama ‘Hungry!’, alongside famed Japanese actor Osamu Mukai (BECK) and SMAP’s Goro Inagaki, as well as expanding their reach outside of Japan by performing in England for the first time.

Vocalist Yuhi says;
“It’s truly meaningful for us to be able to play in the UK this time. Regardless of the difference in countries or race, we can share a common passion through music. It really transcends all boarders; we’ve been so inspired by foreign music.” 

If the videos of a live performance of theirs is anything to go by, attendees are in for a great night of music!

ASIDBLOW will be supported by Jake Emlyn, a British singer-song writer dubbed ‘the cockney Willy Wonka’; partly for his eccentric sense of fashion, partly for his approach to music. His band also contains a connection to Japan with its guitarist, Kenji Suzuki. After launching his solo career in 1983 and opening for the likes of Deep Purple and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Suzuki went on to work with Bono (U2), Annie Lennox, Seal and more recently Corinne Bailey Rae. He was also a member of Simply Red until it disbanded in 2010.

Jake Emlyn seems to be quite the contrast from ASIDBLOW based on the video clips below, but we can safely say his performance will be very unique at the same time. (Also a note there is some strong language in the first of the two videos.)

Both bands will perform as part of the Japan Underground club night in London, taking place at Liverpool Street’s newly establish rock venue The Pipeline (94 Middlesex Street, E1 7DA). The event, recently featured in the Evening Standard’s article ‘Tokyo Is Trending’, celebrates Japanese music, particularly of the rock, metal and punk genres while also encouraging Japanese street fashion. There will also be hot Japanese izakaya (pub) style snacks available courtesy of mobile Japanese food company Peko Peko, as well as Asahi beer available on tap.

So if you’re in London on Saturday 24th March make sure to head over to the Pipeline for what will no doubt be a great evening of live music. For more information on Japan Underground and the acts playing visit the links below –

ASIDBLOW’s homepage:
Jake Emlyn’s homepage:
The Pipeline’s homepage:
Japan Underground’s homepage:


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