Crunchyroll launch official UK site

The legal anime streaming website Crunchyroll have expanded their horizons and launched an official UK portal to the service they provide.

The services available on mirror those on the website, but is localised a lot more towards the UK market including a pricing structure in British Pounds Sterling (£8.99 a month for an All-Access membership and £4.99 a month for an Anime membership). Previously this was only available in US Dollars.

If you are already a paying customer to the service via their primary US website, have no fear as your subscription is not compromised in any way. You can login through either site without disruption.

Crunchyroll have made it clear they are looking to expand their service on a worldwide scale and this is clearly a big step towards that goal. Our friends over at UK-Anime recently conducted an interview with the CEO of Crunchyroll discussing this news. We strongly urge you to listen to the interview HERE so you can hear directly from the horses mouth, as the saying goes, what this means for UK users.


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