New Dragon Ball Z and One Piece games coming to the UK in 2012

Not a screenshot of either game, but reinforces what two franchises we're referring to perfectly.

Namco Bandai Games have made two big european gaming announcements that anime fans will want to keep their eyes on as later this year Dragon Ball Z and One Piece will grace the console market with new outings.

The games in question are Dragon Ball Z for Kinect exclusively on the Xbox 360 and One Piece: Pirate Warriors exclusively for the Playstation 3.

Read on for information on both titles.

Coming to the UK in October 2012

To begin with we have Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. The title alone probably gives you a wealth of thoughts as to what shenanigans DBZ fans with a Kinect for Xbox 360 will have in store them, including having to reenact the poses of various attacks such as the obligatory Kamehameha. Though we should stress that limited information about this game has been revealed, so we can’t even 100% confirm that idea of ours at this time.

There’s going to be no better feeling in the world for fans of the Dragon Ball Z series than standing in front of their screens and unleashing their own fists and raging blasts upon enemies with this game,” said Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, NAMCO BANDAI Games America.  “The Kinect sensor has truly enabled the development team to finally realize the dreams of millions of fans of both the classic games and the timeless original anime.  This game will truly represent the next generation of interactive entertainment in the Dragon Ball Z Universe”.

The game will allow you to play within the universe in an entirely new way. “Featuring iconic characters, famous attacks, and epic battles authentically created from the original manga series, Dragon Ball Z For Kinect™ lets players unleash their inner Super Saiyan with no controller in the way! Fans will also be treated to new anime footage debuting in US and Europe for the first time, along with over 50 playable characters and an entirely new character. What is also quite interesting is that the game also support functionality for QR codes – a matrix style barcode that allows devices such as an iphone to scan it and then launch an application to show them the relevant information. The QR codes will give players the ability to unlock new moves and characters for use within the game.

The game is set for release in the UK in October 2012 for the Kinect on Xbox 360. To read the full press release, CLICK HERE.


Next up is a game that we’ve been interested in for a quite a while. It has dominated the Japanese gaming charts since it’s release back in March and we now happily say that One Piece: Pirate Warriors is set to arrive in the UK exclusively on Playstation 3 later this year.

The game is built with the same gameplay mechanics as Dynasty Warriors, hence the ‘warriors’ being in the title, but set within the universe of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.

The first nautical outing for the ONE PIECE series on PlayStation®3, ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS will immerse players in the Straw Hat Pirates’ grand voyage, letting them face up to hordes of pirate and Marine enemies and experience all the great moments from the anime right up to Marineford. Faithful to the original ONE PIECE manga by Eiichiro Oda, players will relive their favourite scenes controlling pirates including Luffy, Zorro, Nami, and others, each with their signature, including Gomu-Gomu, attacks.

Featuring the best-loved characters and the vast majority of adversaries from the ONE PIECE universe, ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS will invite players to do battle with a massive amount of opponents using the simple controls from the DYNASTY WARRIORS series. The story mode will drop players right into the heart of the rich ONE PIECE universe filled with beloved characters, powerful enemies, touching moments and memorable scenes.

You can read the full press release for this game HERE.

You can watch a trailer of One Piece: Pirate Warriors below. (The footage is off the Japanese language version of the game.)

NOTE –  This contains footage of story lines from various points of the franchise. Potential *SPOILER WARNING* for some.

No release date has been confirmed for this game but we’ll be sure to keep you posted when the information becomes available.


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