Dragon Ball Z for Kinect: first trailer & new info revealed

Coming to the UK in October 2012

Since the announcement there would be a Dragon Ball Z game for use with the Kinect on Xbox 360 there has been a lot of talk how the concept will work and how the user will have to conduct themselves during gameplay. New information has come to light on this the fact that players will be able to “Perform 100+ different DBZ moves, including long range blast attacks (Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Special Beam Cannon) and close range melee attacks (Jab, Uppercut, Hook, Charge Ki, Guard, Kick)” during gameplay.

To emphasise this fact Namco Bandai Games have released a trailer that gives you an idea as to how you will appear when performing a variety of these moves.

Other information to come to light about the game will feature a first person viewpoint for gameplay (meaning you’ll effectively be seeing through the eyes of the character instead of over their shoulder), there will be exclusive new anime footage that has never been released in Europe or the US before and there will be over 50 playable characters including “a brand new character”. There will also be 20 QR codes (see our previous article HERE on Dragon Ball Z for Kinect for info on this) for use within the game that will unlock powerups and characters.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is set for release this coming October in the UK.


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