Black Lagoon and Tiger & Bunny set for UK Blu-Ray releases in 2012

Kaze UK have revealed on their twitter account details on a few forthcoming releases that will be distributed through Manga Entertainment this year.

Coming to DVD & Blu-Ray Q3 2012

Black Lagoon will see a Blu-Ray release for both the inaugural 12 episode season & it’s follow up ‘The Second Barrage’ in July. They stated the two seasons on Blu-Ray will be separate releases but confirmed there will be a complete DVD collection also. The series follows a group of mercenaries known as the Black Lagoon kidnapping businessman, Okajima Rokuro, who is on his way to delivering in a disc in China before. This disc leads to far more trouble than first anticipated for the crew of the Black Lagoon.


Coming to DVD & Blu-Ray in Q4 2012

Kaze UK also confirmed that the very popular Tiger & Bunny will be receiving a DVD & Blu-Ray release in the UK. This is tentatively scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012, subject to the recording of the English dub. It’s currently unconfirmed if this will be released as a complete collection or two half-season sets.
The series, currently available to stream over at Anime On Demand, follows the heroes of Sternbild City, often referred to as ‘NEXT’ because of the powers they each wield, via a popular television program ‘Hero TV’. The heroes are regularly engaging in crime busting while at the same time competing for points to ultimately be named the ‘King Of Heroes’ for that particular year. The veteran of the heroes, Wild Tiger, is forced to team with a very popular newcomer Barnaby Brooks Jr. who has a very different mindset on how a hero should conduct & prioritise themselves.


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