New licenses confirmed by MVM and Manga UK

Ahead of the MCM London Expo next weekend we’ve had confirmation on new acquisitions and another title returning the UK.

Princess Jellyfish arrives in the UK this September on DVD

First of all Manga UK confirmed they will be releasing Princess Jellyfish on September 3rd on DVD. They also made it know that it will be released a special 3-disc limited edition that will also contain a plushie of the Jellyfish ‘Clara’.

For those unaware, Princess Jellyfish is an eleven episode series that follows Tsukumi, an otaku that is a big fan of jellyfish, who lives in Amamizu-kan, a housing complex that has a strict policy of only women residing there. Things become interesting when Tuskumi is helped out by a woman who then stays at her apartment. However there is more to this woman than meets the eye.

Elsewhere MVM revealed they have relicensed Ergo Proxy and will be making a complete collection of the series available on DVD from August 6th.
You can pre-order this collection at the MVM Online Store HERE.

MVM will also be releasing the three episode OVA collection of .hack//Quantum on July 9th.
You can pre-order this title from the MVM Online Store HERE.

Expect more news relating to upcoming releases from the UK distributors over the next few weeks, especially over the weekend of the MCM London Expo (May 25th-27th).


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