Manga UK on Xbox 360 “Coming soon to the UK”

Advert for the USA Manga Xbox 360 streaming app.

Yes you read that right everybody, Manga Entertainment look be launching an application for the Xbox 360 gaming console.

In responding to a tweet on the subject of the app, Manga UK simply said “Coming soon to the UK.

This news follows the US branch of Manga Entertainment launching their version of an application last week for the Xbox 360 in the North American market. The app is free to instal and use for those who have an Xbox Live Gold membership.

The Xbox 360 console now has many dedicated applications to stream television programming and video content on-demand including the BBC iPlayer, Demand5 (the Channel 5 app) and Netflix.

There are currently 18 titles available on the Manga US Xbox app, but it’s likely that the lineup will differ due to licensing. Assuming the Manga UK app includes streaming functionality for shows of theirs, the lineup (or at least potential titles that will be available) to users when launched might be similar to what is available for streaming on the Netflix UK service.

We must stress that no details have been confirmed about the UK version of the application and its functionality other than what was said by Manga UK on twitter (above).

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further developments on this!


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