Manga UK to release Puella Madoka Magica on DVD & Blu-Ray, plus new license revealed!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica confirmed for DVD & Blu-Ray UK release!

Following Anime Industry panel at MCM Expo this past weekend (which you watch our video of HERE) it’s fair to say that when it comes to new licenses or announcements it was a little quiet on the Manga Entertainment side of things. Well they’ve made up for that over the past few days with two announcements.

The first is that they have licensed Tora no Quon, a six-part film supernatural series that focuses on humans with mutant powers will be released in its entirety on DVD this coming November.

The second follows a previous item of ours (HERE) where we mentioned that Manga UK were considering releasing the very popular Puella Madoka Magica on Blu-Ray as well as DVD in some form later this year and that your feedback to the possibility could play a major part in the decision. Well Manga UK officially announced today they will be releasing the series on Blu-Ray as well as DVD.

The release date is October 22nd and will be a 3-disc DVD set at the RRP of £29.99 and a Blu-Ray set at £39.99 RRP. Manga also noted that pre-orders won’t begin until July.

This series has been one of the hot import Blu-Ray titles for quite a while and at the price Manga intend to sell it at, it works out much cheaper. For those of you who waited, your patience has been rewarded!


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