Anime Chronicle on Danish based “Tegnefilm Podcasten”

Anime Chronicle’s own Jeremy Graves & Jimi Hart made an appearance on the Danish based Tegne Film Podcasten (which literally translates into English as The Cartoon Podcast) hosted by Martin Houlind last week talking about the anime studio Madhouse and the film ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’.

You can listen to the podcast over at their website HERE or through iTunes HERE.

The segment involving us begin at around the 7 minute mark. (You can find full details on the timings of the show at their website.)

This podcast is bilingual, having portions in both Danish & English and is the only Danish returning publication of any kind devoted to animated films. They don’t just talk about anime either. As an example a recent episode of theirs focused on YELLOW SUBMARINE, yes as in The Beatles, and included lenghty interview with a Beatles expert and music historian to set up the 1960s and the career of the Liverpool lads for the listeners.

We had a great time talking to Martin and if you have some time spare we encourage you give it a listen.


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