Animetal USA perform at Anime Expo in Los Angeles + Debut album now released in USA

The power metal quartet that have re-imagined anime opening and ending songs in their own style (complete with English lyrics) we’ve been keeping a close eye on over the past 6 months known as Animetal USA have taken a huge leap forward in developing their international presence with a performance at the world renowned Anime Expo convention in Los Angles this past weekend.

The Quartet performed a thirteen song set combining songs from their debut album “Animetal USA” and their recently released in Japan follow up “Animetal USA W”. Though just to confuse you slightly the set list mainly featured songs included on the North American Special Edition version of “Animetal USA”. The difference between this special edition version and the original Japanese version being that the track listing has been altered by replacing a some songs with ones featured on the ‘Animetal USA W’ album including the song ‘Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee’.

If you are interested in ordering the North American Special Edition version of the album, you can do so HERE.

The list of songs they played at Anime Expo were:

  1. Take Back The Love (Opening of ‘Fist Of The North Star’)
  2. Song Of Gatchaman (Opening of ‘Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)
  3. Touch (Opening of ‘Touch’)
  4. Pegasus Fantasy  (Opening of ‘Saint Seiya)
  5. Dragonball Z Medley – Cha La Head Cha La/We Got Power (Openings of ‘Dragonball Z’)
  6. Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee (Opening to ‘Naruto Spin-off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals’)
  7. Mazinger Medley (Openings of Mazinger Z)
  8. Do You Remember Love (Opening of ‘Macross Do You Remember Love’)
  9. A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Opening of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’)
  10. We Are! (Opening of ‘One Piece’)
  11. Unyielding Wish (Opening of ‘Magic Knight Rayearth’)
  12. JAM Project Medley – Vanguard/MAXON/Skill (Openings of ‘Cardfight Vanguard’, Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector’ and ‘Super Robot Wars Alpha’)
  13. Space Battleship YAMATO (Opening to ‘Space Battleship YAMATO’)

Some fan-filmed video of this concert has surfaced online and you can the clips below.

Animetal USA at the Anime Expo Opening Ceremony

Song Of Gatchatman

Song Of Gatchaman
(Filmed much closer to the stage)

Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee
(A brief clip of the latter part of the song)


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