New Dragonball Z movie set for release in Japan in 2013

A new Dragonball Z movie coming to Japan in 2013

The first season of the series may have just been released on DVD in the UK by Manga Entertainment (read our review of it HERE) but news has come to light in Japan via the Shonen Jump magazine that there will be a brand new movie hitting Japanese cinemas in March of 2013.

The movie will have creator Akira Toriyama involved in the production of the film that will be directed by Masahiro Hosoda (episode director on the Dragonball Z TV series), written by Yūsuke Watanabe (live-action Gantz film and 20th Century Boys), and animation direction by Tadayoshi Yamamuro (One Piece film Strong World, Dragonball movie 4: The Path To Power ).

Trunks & Goten (Picture taken from Dragonball Z series)

In terms of the story there really isn’t much known but early reports indicate that it will be set prior to the Dragonball GT series and will see young Trunks & young Goten be at the forefront of the tale. This would indicate the story will be set around the time of the Buu saga. Based on the image above, taken from the first promotional advert for the film (click HERE to view the advert in full), it does indicates this is indeed the same time period within the story based on the character designs.

Although not live at this time, the official website for the movie can be found HERE.

We will be sure to keep updated the latest information regarding this movie.


DVD Review – Hetalia World Series – Season Three Collection

Release date: July 23rd 2012

I had wondered if it was just the Hetalia: Paint It White movie that was suffering from a bad case of the ‘What?’, in terms of its pacing, structure and bizarre inanities. Apparently it isn’t. But, having said that, there are some significant benefits to having Hetalia in a series format rather than one drawn-out story.

For those that are unaware, Hetalia is a comedy series which stars personifications of the world’s countries in vignettes that are generally rough allegories of historical events picked throughout time (although mainly focusing on the World Wars), and also a great deal of random irreverence that are completely unrelated to history. There’s no wider story arc other than the simple progression of episodes and introduction of more characters, so unless you’re coming straight into the third season it shouldn’t be challenging to progress through. By this point, there are a lot of characters. Working with countries as a basis actually gives the audience a great advantage with getting to grips with the series, as there are fewer collections of things that we’re more familiar with- at some point in our lives we will probably have heard of most of the names being thrown around, so you’re given a leg up from the beginning. More obscure characters (like Wy and Sealand, which are actually real micronations) take some introduction, but usually this happens as a matter of course during the episode progression anyway.
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16 Summer Season Streaming shows available to the UK at Crunchyroll

The Summer season of anime streaming has officially begun so it’s about time we give you details on what titles are available to the UK as part of the lineup on Crunchyroll. There are 16 titles currently announced. Have a look at them below.

Total Eclipse
“In 1973, the invasion of an extra terrestrial life form, the BETA, began a war that has driven mankind to the brink of extinction. In an attempt to counter the BETA’s overwhelming strength in numbers, mankind has developed the humanoid weapons known as TSFs, deploying them on the front lines of their Anti-BETA War all across the globe. However, mankind still lost the majority of Eurasia to the superior numbers of the marching BETA. For nearly 30 years mankind has remained bogged down in its struggle against the BETA with no hope in sight. In 2001, development of next-generation TSFs has become a problem for Imperial Japan, who sustains the front lines on the Far-East. As a solution, the UN proposed a US-Japan joint TSF refurbishment plan as part of their “Prominence Project”. Yui Takamura, a member of the Imperial Royal Guard, is placed in charge of this project and heads to Alaska. Meanwhile, Yuuya Bridges, a young soldier in the US Army, makes his way for Alaska as well. Little did either of them know that their encounter would forever change their destinies… Witness this exciting tale of human drama and robot action as mankind faces the brink of extinction”
Air date: Sundays  |  Watch it at Crunchyroll HERE
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Black Lagoon Blu-Ray releases delayed until end of July, DVD collection release date unaffected

Manga Entertainment just announced on their twitter account that the upcoming Black Lagoon Blu-Rays they are distributing with Kaze UK have been delayed until the end of the month, July 30th to be precise. The DVD collection containing both seasons are still set for a July 9th release date.

Season 1 & Season 2 Blu-ray delayed until 30-July. Massive apologies 2 all our customers. S1&2 DVD box set out 9-Jul.

You can pre-order both versions at Amazon UK via the links below:
Season 1 Blu-Ray  |  Season 2 Blu-Ray  |  Season 1 & 2 DVD Collection


Anime Chronicle on Danish based “Tegnefilm Podcasten”

Anime Chronicle’s own Jeremy Graves & Jimi Hart made an appearance on the Danish based Tegne Film Podcasten (which literally translates into English as The Cartoon Podcast) hosted by Martin Houlind last week talking about the anime studio Madhouse and the film ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’.

You can listen to the podcast over at their website HERE or through iTunes HERE.

The segment involving us begin at around the 7 minute mark. (You can find full details on the timings of the show at their website.)

This podcast is bilingual, having portions in both Danish & English and is the only Danish returning publication of any kind devoted to animated films. They don’t just talk about anime either. As an example a recent episode of theirs focused on YELLOW SUBMARINE, yes as in The Beatles, and included lenghty interview with a Beatles expert and music historian to set up the 1960s and the career of the Liverpool lads for the listeners.

We had a great time talking to Martin and if you have some time spare we encourage you give it a listen.

Animetal USA perform at Anime Expo in Los Angeles + Debut album now released in USA

The power metal quartet that have re-imagined anime opening and ending songs in their own style (complete with English lyrics) we’ve been keeping a close eye on over the past 6 months known as Animetal USA have taken a huge leap forward in developing their international presence with a performance at the world renowned Anime Expo convention in Los Angles this past weekend.

The Quartet performed a thirteen song set combining songs from their debut album “Animetal USA” and their recently released in Japan follow up “Animetal USA W”. Though just to confuse you slightly the set list mainly featured songs included on the North American Special Edition version of “Animetal USA”. The difference between this special edition version and the original Japanese version being that the track listing has been altered by replacing a some songs with ones featured on the ‘Animetal USA W’ album including the song ‘Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee’.

If you are interested in ordering the North American Special Edition version of the album, you can do so HERE.

The list of songs they played at Anime Expo were:
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DVD Review – Dragonball Z Season One

Available on DVD from July 2nd 2012

Back in the early 2000’s a series aired on the Cartoon Network that I had seen glimpses of in the form of trading cards that a few Japanese friends of mine often brought into school. I had even seeing some clips advertised on tv when on holiday in the states but never actually came to realise what this franchise was all about. The series in question is Dragonball Z.

The series debut on Cartoon Network hooked me from the outset. Yet the one thing that was never present over here in the UK was a home video release (back then on VHS). I knew it was available in other countries and I’ll readily admit I imported some of the VHS and DVDs but never everything because of two reasons. The first, and perhaps very predictably given my age at the time, was the lack of money. Paying £20 for three episodes (sometimes four if you were lucky) on a single DVD or VHS certainly made the funds dry up quickly. The second reason was that I was always hopeful there would be a physical UK release. Well that time has finally arrived. After years of yearning, wanting and hoping, the Dragonball Z television series is at long last being released in the UK. Coming to the masses in the form of season long box sets nicknamed ‘orange bricks’ (because of their packaging design), the first, season one obviously, encompassing the Vegeta saga (also known to many as the Saiyan saga from when it aired on television.)

As you can tell I’m a big fan of the franchise. (Phrasing it like that may be an understatement in itself.) But for the benefit of those who might not be as familiar with Dragonball Z, allow me enlighten you in as short a time frame as possible.
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DVD Review – Roujin Z

Available on DVD & Blu-Ray now.

After reviewing some excellent new titles of anime, especially CG epics and pristine Blu-ray releases, it can be a challenge to re-tune my eyes to older animes, although if you allow yourself to sit back and just watch, you will be thoroughly rewarded and Roujin Z is no exception.

Roujin Z (old man Z) was first bought to us on good ol’ VHS in 1991 from acclaimed Akira director and writer Katsuhiro Otomo, which this re-release definitely capitalises on.

An old widower, Kijuro Takazawa, who is lovingly looked after by a young student Haruko Mitsuhashi and is very much in need of full time care, has been ‘selected’ to be a test subject in a governmental healthcare project where a nuclear powered, robotic medical bed prototype may take over the 24/7 care of Japans rising elderly population, instead of nurses and full time carers, thus, in theory, relieving the strain of an almost overstretched medical service.
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DVD Review – Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White

I have no idea what’s going on.

I’ve never watched Hetalia before. Thinking I’d be able to get by based on what I’d read online, I jumped into this review not fully understanding the intricacies of anything it has to offer. How difficult can it be to get the jist of an anime, though, right? In its broadest sense, Hetalia is a comedy series which stars personifications of the world’s countries, principally Italy (hence the name, which is a contraction of the Japanese word hetare meaning ‘cutely pathetic’ and Italy, who lives up to this in spades). It’s mainly set during the Second World War, where the characters’ interactions form a loose and not-entirely-accurate-or-serious-in-any-way-but-fairly-intricate history of events, and bits and pieces from other eras too.

While you only need to know the outline to understand the premise of the show, actually getting into the movie requires a much greater knowledge of the interactions the characters have had over the episodes previously (not that this is by any means part of that continuity. More importantly, it’s more than handy to know what the characters are like, because there’s no introduction to them or their antics, or the show’s layout. And you’ll have no clue what you’re getting yourself in for. So I’m going to be fair in this review; given that I don’t know the series it’s likely I’m missing a lot of the nuances that make it so popular. So, on we go.
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DVD Review – Naruto Shippuden, Box Set 9

Continuing on the journeys of Naruto and his ninja comrades, this box set picks up with the second half of the Three Tails story arc that sees the dedicated follower of Orichimaru & user of crystal style technique, Guren, still essentially playing the role of babysitter to the young Yukimaru who plays an important role when it comes to the control of the Three Tailed beast. All the while Ninja from the Leaf Village are determined to counter this plan, enlisting the help of more comrades to keep things on an even playing field.

The addition of the three tails beast continues to add a level of intrigue to the overall plot but in all honesty the most prominent part of this entire tale surrounds the developed (mother & child style) relationship between Guren & Yukimaru and how Naruto feels closely connected to it from personal experiences. You also have Guren’s underlings and their battles with other the Leaf Village ninja and some presence from members of the Akatsuki. All the while this is linked to the capture or sealing  (depending on which side the coin, good & evil, the characters fall on) of the Three Tails beast.
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