“Lagrange – The Flower Of Rin-ne” Season 2 now showing on Anime On Demand

Season 2 now streaming on Anime-On-Demand.com

Anime On Demand have been very quiet the past few seasons when it comes to new simulcasts but you will be delighted to hear they now have new content available on their site in the form of second season of Lagrange – The Flower Of Rin-ne.

The first two episodes are available for streaming now with a new episode being made available every week thereafter. You can find the hub page for season two on the Anime On Demand site HERE.

(If you’ve not seen first season don’t fret as all twelve episodes are still available to view HERE.)

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments with Anime On Demand streaming service when the information becomes available.


Podcast Episode #42 – May 2012 MCM London Expo Preview show ft. Andrew Partridge of Kaze UK

This week join Jeremy Graves as he welcomes good friend of the show Andy Hanley from UK-Anime to bring our traditional MCM London Expo preview program! They take you on a journey of information as to what you can expect at the expo this weekend, well after an initial 15 minutes or so of discussion on a variety of topics including Squid Girl and the Bleach Blu-Ray releases.

Once the expo talk begins we also welcome Andrew Partridge of Kaze UK & Anime On Demand onto the program to gives some insight into how his preparations are going ahead of the expo, what we can expect on the Kaze UK stand and during their panel on Sunday, some Anime On Demand talk on more!

Following that Jeremy and Andy wrap up their expo talk and then discuss what they been watching that includes Clannad, some of the recent Marvel anime series and more! A fun show as always and it’s available for you now!

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Duration: 1:22:37

Tiger & Bunny UK home video release date confirmed! – UPDATED

DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack of Part 1 due in October

Manga Entertainment have made it known on twitter that we can expect to see the first part of the very popular superhero anime series Tiger & Bunny released on September 23rd in the UK!

The release will be a DVD+Blu-Ray combo pack, meaning you get both versions for one price. Given it’s part 1 of the series, it’s probably safe to assume it will include the first 12 or 13 episodes of the 25 episode series.

Tiger & Bunny will be the first series to be released on home video in the UK after having streamed as a simulcast with the original Japanese audio & English subtitles on the Anime On Demand streaming service. It’s still to this day one of the most popular series available to view on the site so it will be very interesting to see how well it does on DVD/Blu-Ray (with the English dub included too).

Kaze UK have since made it known on their twitter account that the first part of Tiger & Bunny is actually due for release in October, not September.

Kaze UK also added on twitterwe have something planned for September for [Tiger & Bunny] so maybe that’s what [Manga UK] got confuzzled by – easily done 🙂“. No doubt we’ll find out more details about this “something” in the coming months.

So to reiterate, the Tiger & Bunny Part 1 DVD+Blu-Ray combo pack is due for release in October. This matches the previous report that it would be released in the fourth quarter of the year.
We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any further developments on this.

Crunchyroll add four new titles including Naruto spin-off, Anime On Demand news coming soon.

Crunchyroll have been very busy these last few days revealing more additions to their already loaded lineup for the new spring season. (See our previous story on the first wave of titles added HERE.)

The four new titles revealed are

  • Naruto spin-off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals
  • You and Me 2
  • Yurumate3Dei
  • Saint Seiya Omega

Below you can details on each title and when they will be available for streaming.

Naruto spin-off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals
Watch out! This is a new addition to the iconic NARUTO franchise which represents Japanese animation. Ideal for those who are looking to stay a moment away from the breathtaking battle scenes and the serious ninja rivalry, the spin-off series offers an alternative Naruto world with all characters super-deformed and comically retouched. 

A spotlight is cast on Rock Lee, the prank-loving imperfect ninja kid who scores low with ninja techniques but who never gives up to achieve his goals. Comical happenings in the ninja village in NARUTO SPIN-OFF: ROCK LEE & HIS NINJA PALS are sure to attract a new generation of fans.

New episodes will be available to stream every Tuesday at 10.30 am GMT with episode available to view now HERE.
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Podcast Episode #39 – Manga Goes Digital

On this edition of the Anime Chronicle podcast, Jeremy & Hugo welcome Andy Hanley of UK-Anime back to the program to explore the wonders that will be digital manga now that JManga.com have opened it’s doors to customers on a worldwide scale. We explore pros, cons, worries and more!

There’s also time to talk about what we’ve been watching including the likes of Lagrange, Fairy Tail & Arrietty and answer some questions from the Anime Chronicle community that covers such subject as the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, dubs and more! A fun show as always and available to stream & download right now!

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Duration: 1:25:11

Podcast Episode #36 – Get Your K-On!

The Anime Chronicle Podcast returns with Jeremy Graves welcoming good friend of the show Andy Hanley from UK-Anime.net to talk a variety of topics surrounding the world of anime in a very impromptu edition of the program. Topics discussed but not limited to include Redline on Blu-Ray, Version 2.0 of Anime On Aemand that’s due to launch any day now, the craziness of Mirrai Nikki (Future Diary), how Persona 4 The Animation has developed, concerts, K-ON! and more!

It’s just over an hour of light hearted anime chatter and it’s available for you listening pleasure right now! Oh a random note, apologies for the (potential) howling cat in the background at random intervals.

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Anime On Demand & Crunchyroll updates, plus Manga UK license Angel Beats

Following on from our “Big streaming Anime update as Crunchyroll & Anime On Demand reveal lots of new titles!” post, Crunchyroll have added another title to their already staked lineup.

* Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi – Season 2, streaming at Crunchyroll, air date: Every Friday from 5.35pm GMT

The series translate into English as World’s Greatest First Love’.

Ritsu Onodera quit working for his father’s company and transferred to work at the publishing company, Marukawa Shoten. To his dismay, he’s assigned to edit shojo manga in which he has no interest or experience. He works with a strict boss, Takano, that he has trouble getting along with from the beginning. But, Onodera later discovers that he knows Takano from his past…

The series started yesterday (October 7th) at Crunchyroll.

*From the Anime On Demand camp, the first episode of Persona 4: The Animation is available to view now HERE.

*Manga Entertainment UK confirmed late this week they have acquired the licensing rights or ‘Angel Beats’. ANN describe the plot as being set “In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the otherhand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers.

Expect more information regarding this release to be made available soon. Perhaps at London Expo later this month!

Big streaming Anime update as Crunchyroll & Anime On Demand reveal lots of new titles!

Since our last post about Anime on Demand (AOD for short) announcing they would be streaming ‘Mirai Nikki – Future Diary’ on their site a whole host of titles from not only AOD but Crunchyroll have been revealed. This post will bring you up to speed on what is set to be available to the UK stemming from these announcements. It’s going to be a very busy season of simulcasts as you’ll see from the listings below.

Before we go any further we have a brief update to our previous news item on ‘Miriai Nikki – Future Diary’. AOD revealed that this series will begin streaming from Sunday 9th October and will run across both the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Here are the titles available to the UK as part of this new streaming season from both Anime On Demand and Crunchroll –

Mirai Nikki – Future Diary, Streaming from Anime On Demand, start date: Sunday 9th October Mirai Nikki sees high school 2nd year, Amano Yukiteru, is a boy who has problem making friends. He thinks of himself as a bystander and will always write down everything he sees in a cell phone diary. Tormented by solitude, Yukiteru began to imagine things like a friend called Deus Ex Machina who is apparently the Lord of Time & Space. Seeing Yukiteru’s miserable state, Deus gives him a new ability. His diary will now record events that will happen in the near future. Yukiteru is then forced to participate in a game which the winner will become Deus’ successor.Continue reading

Anime On Demand announce new streaming title ‘Mirai Nikki – Future Diary’

The good folks at Anime On Demand have announced their first new title to be streamed on their site as part of the forthcoming simulcast season. The series is ‘Mirai Nikki – Future Diary’ a series described by AOD themselves (via twitter) as “a beautiful mix of Death Note meets Battle Royale”.

Here is more information on the series courtesy of the AOD’s partner Anime News Network

Yukiteru Amano (Yuki) is a loner who never really interact with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is not a figment of his imagination but real when Deus makes him a participant in a battle royale with eleven others. Within this “Diary Game”, the contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future with each diary having unique features that gives them both advantages and disadvantages.

As is the case with each series licensed by AOD, each episode will be available to stream from their website! Expect more news regarding new additions to the lineup soon!

Podcast Episode #31 – ‘Anime On Demand’ panel from Ayacon 2011

This week we bring you extra audio to encompass this edition of the podcast in the form of the entire Anime On Demand panel from the Ayacon convention back in August. Topics discussed in this panel include the current state of the service, plans going forward, customer concerns and much more.

For more information on Anime On Demand streaming service, visit the website Anime-On-Demand.com

We’ll be back with our next regularly scheduled podcast next week if all goes well. Enjoy~!

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