offer 2nd limited time promotion for new subscribers

We’ve just received word from – the digital online manga platform that recently opened its doors to customers outside of North America – that following them going global they are celebrating with a second special signup promotion.

[You can read our previous news item on JManga going global HERE.]

If you are an unregistered user you are usually restricted to viewing 6 previews of manga on the website. But between today (8th March) and March 14th anyone will be able to view 199 previews of manga available on their website! “Don’t miss this chance to check out loads of manga, many of which have never been released in English before, for free!!” says JManga.

The service uses a points system to allow subscribers to purchase volumes of manga. The system works out with $1 equal to 100 points. By signing up to a $10 or $25 subscription you will get 1000 and 2500 points respectively. More points can be purchased on the site too.

So with all this in mind here is what what you need to know about this new limited offer.

JManga × (The World) Campaign PART 2

  • This new signup promotion runs from today through March 14th.
  • As a non-subscriber you can view up to 199 previews of manga on
  • By signing up during this window to a $10 plan you will be given 2 free books worth of bonus points and the $25 plan will give you 5 free books worth of bonus points.

There is a vast array of titles available on JManga include; Crayon Shinchan, Poor Poor Lips, Devil King, Girlfriends, Cigarette Kisses, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Kodoku no Gourmet, Adekan, Love My Life, No Longer Human, Kagome-Kagome, Nogi, Young-kun, Hyakusho Kizoku, Love Beyond Time, In the Arms of the Sheikh, Manga Science, and many more.

*Promotion applies to first-time sign-ups only.
*This promotion times are based on US Pacific Standard Time.
*The availability of titles may differ from country to country.

So go and visit now and preview the vast array of titles available during this special promotion. This is a great chance to sample digital manga. Don’t miss out!


Podcast Episode #39 – Manga Goes Digital

On this edition of the Anime Chronicle podcast, Jeremy & Hugo welcome Andy Hanley of UK-Anime back to the program to explore the wonders that will be digital manga now that have opened it’s doors to customers on a worldwide scale. We explore pros, cons, worries and more!

There’s also time to talk about what we’ve been watching including the likes of Lagrange, Fairy Tail & Arrietty and answer some questions from the Anime Chronicle community that covers such subject as the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, dubs and more! A fun show as always and available to stream & download right now!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 1:25:11 is now global! Digital manga available to the UK!

When it comes to the world of print media it is on a big decline. With machines like the Kindle and applications on a variety of mobile devices the media that once required you to have to lug a book everywhere is now more compact than ever. Even comic books & graphic novels are following the same path and also making titles available on digital platforms. The likes of Marvel Comics & DC Comics – famous for bringing characters such as the X-Men and the Justice League to the world respectively – have begun making their content accessible and affordable to the digital consumer. An advent of similar ilk has been wanted by many & more than likely dreaded by others since avenues like these were created. It looks like the first big step toward a viable source for the UK market for reading digital manga has finally been achieved with JManga. Continue reading