Mayo Chiki DVD pushed back to 2013 by MVM Entertainment

Mayo Chiki’s UK release by MVM Entertainment pushed back to 2013

MVM Entertainment have confirmed via their official Facebook page that they have pushed their intended DVD release of Mayo Chiki back to 2013 due to there now being no English dub available from Sentai Filmworks in USA as originally expected.

So it turns out Mayo Chiki is NOT being dubbed. We’ve pushed this back to 2013 now. We’re planning on releasing Rozen Maiden: Overture for November to replace Mayo Chiki – will be up for pre order later today.

As confirmed form the quote above, Rozen Maiden: Overture will now see a November release in place of Mayo Chiki.
You will be able to pre-order Rozen Maiden: Overture at the MVM shop HERE later today.


Podcast Episode #42 – May 2012 MCM London Expo Preview show ft. Andrew Partridge of Kaze UK

This week join Jeremy Graves as he welcomes good friend of the show Andy Hanley from UK-Anime to bring our traditional MCM London Expo preview program! They take you on a journey of information as to what you can expect at the expo this weekend, well after an initial 15 minutes or so of discussion on a variety of topics including Squid Girl and the Bleach Blu-Ray releases.

Once the expo talk begins we also welcome Andrew Partridge of Kaze UK & Anime On Demand onto the program to gives some insight into how his preparations are going ahead of the expo, what we can expect on the Kaze UK stand and during their panel on Sunday, some Anime On Demand talk on more!

Following that Jeremy and Andy wrap up their expo talk and then discuss what they been watching that includes Clannad, some of the recent Marvel anime series and more! A fun show as always and it’s available for you now!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 1:22:37

MCM London Expo news: Floor plan and schedule revealed

This weekend will be a busy weekend with the MCM London Expo returning to Excel London providing attendees the opportunity to meet stars, grab some bargains and so much more.

The official floor plan and schedule of the weekends events have been revealed and below you can find a summary of what is happening as it relates to the world of anime and manga.

Schedule [Click to enlarge]

Floor Plan [Click to enlarge]

When it comes to the floor plan, the anime distributors are split into two sections. The first along the main Expo Boulevard that is conveniently along the same walk as the entrance to the show floor. You’ll find Manga UK, MVM and Kaze UK along this section.
You will also find a second Manga UK stand (likely to be their SALE stall that they have had previous expos) in walking distance from the NEO magazine stand very close MCM Theatre A.

Here is a brief summary of the anime related presentations and signings for you:
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New licenses confirmed by MVM and Manga UK

Ahead of the MCM London Expo next weekend we’ve had confirmation on new acquisitions and another title returning the UK.

Princess Jellyfish arrives in the UK this September on DVD

First of all Manga UK confirmed they will be releasing Princess Jellyfish on September 3rd on DVD. They also made it know that it will be released a special 3-disc limited edition that will also contain a plushie of the Jellyfish ‘Clara’.

For those unaware, Princess Jellyfish is an eleven episode series that follows Tsukumi, an otaku that is a big fan of jellyfish, who lives in Amamizu-kan, a housing complex that has a strict policy of only women residing there. Things become interesting when Tuskumi is helped out by a woman who then stays at her apartment. However there is more to this woman than meets the eye.

Elsewhere MVM revealed they have relicensed Ergo Proxy and will be making a complete collection of the series available on DVD from August 6th.
You can pre-order this collection at the MVM Online Store HERE.

MVM will also be releasing the three episode OVA collection of .hack//Quantum on July 9th.
You can pre-order this title from the MVM Online Store HERE.

Expect more news relating to upcoming releases from the UK distributors over the next few weeks, especially over the weekend of the MCM London Expo (May 25th-27th).

DVD Review – Kiddy Grade – The Complete Series

We begin in the far future, in the foyer of the G.U, the Galactic Union created when earth’s inhabitants had found interstellar travel and many new worlds are found and colonised. Along with this, was the establishment of the G.O.T.T, Galactic Organisation of Trade and Tariffs, as with the growth of wealth and trade in the galaxy, the inevitable juxtaposition of crime rears its ugly head.

Amongst the ranks of the G.O.T.T. lie our two protagonists, Eclair and Lumiere. Two C-class ES members; a division of special service members, that we see, as time unfolds, have their own set of enhanced super abilities, from super speed to mechanical manipulation. Eclair and Lumiere are a loveable little duo, which compliment each other nicely, with Lumiere being young and reserved, with an ability to control the operating systems of practically any machine. Eclair, fiery and forward, using lipstick as a conduit for her powers, which systematically doubles as a super strong never ending whip-like weapon. The girls actions are followed by an intriguing auditor, Armbrust, who, from the outset has his own agendas and becomes a supporting character you can’t seem to trust, but never really gets his hands dirty enough for you to dislike or disregard him. The girls check in for arrest permits with Chief Eclipse, a strong and unwavering female lead. In addition to the team are Donnerschlag (thunderclap from German translation) and a space shuttle, La Muse (the muse from French translation) which, cleverly, become characters that the audience really gel with and add a nice emotional context in the way the girls revere them as best friends.
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DVD Review – Fruits Basket

Anime reminds me somewhat of my trips around an American grocery store. Everything is designed to leap out at you with as many colours and flavours as possible, and all sitting packed shoulder-to-shoulder with things very similar, sometimes only distinguished by the different brand, even while housing content that is exactly the same in all but name. I feel like that a lot when I’m trying to fish through for decent anime titles.

That’s where Fruits Basket is somewhat of a dream. Anyone who’s been a fan of anime in the UK for enough years will probably know the series well enough, being as it is a hugely popular franchise and one that’s greatly admired both on screen and in its original manga format. It might even be fair enough to say it’s one of the ‘grandfathers’ of anime releases in the UK, almost certainly so for Funimation as one of their signature franchises from many moons ago. But what makes it so different? Has it stood up well against the newer, cleaner, sharper, higher-budget series that have broken down our doors and ravaged our TVs with amazing visuals in recent years? Continue reading

Trailer – Welcome To NHK

Welcome To NHK makes it’s way to UK shores next month on DVD thanks to MVM Entertainment and a trailer has been released ahead of the January 9th street date. If you’ve got a few minutes spare you can watch the trailer below (which is sure to get you thinking about paranoia and possibly conspiracies.)

CLICK HERE to pre-order Welcome To NHK.

Podcast Episode #13 – London Expo ‘Anime Industry’ Panel

The Anime Chronicle Podcast returns with Jeremy Graves flying solo, but not for long as this edition of the podcast features the next portion of our ‘London Expo’ audio that we recorded. Last time we brought you an interview with Andrew Partridge of Kaze, this time around we bring you Anime Industry Panel from 24 hours before that interview, featuring Tony Allen of MVM, Andrew Partridge (representing Beez for that weekend) and Jerome Mazandarani of Manga Entertainment UK.

Also part way through, voice actor (and director) Michael Sinterniklaas joins the panel to add his insight on some of the questions asked by those in attendance!


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