Mayo Chiki DVD pushed back to 2013 by MVM Entertainment

Mayo Chiki’s UK release by MVM Entertainment pushed back to 2013

MVM Entertainment have confirmed via their official Facebook page that they have pushed their intended DVD release of Mayo Chiki back to 2013 due to there now being no English dub available from Sentai Filmworks in USA as originally expected.

So it turns out Mayo Chiki is NOT being dubbed. We’ve pushed this back to 2013 now. We’re planning on releasing Rozen Maiden: Overture for November to replace Mayo Chiki – will be up for pre order later today.

As confirmed form the quote above, Rozen Maiden: Overture will now see a November release in place of Mayo Chiki.
You will be able to pre-order Rozen Maiden: Overture at the MVM shop HERE later today.