DVD Review – Welcome To The Space Show

Available on DVD and as Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack now

Space has always been on the list of challenges for man, a seemingly infinite plateau of cosmic science that even the most advanced scientists are still struggling to find answers too. With the first rocket launches all the way through to the international space station, we are still light-years away from conquering this dark and secretive place.

The joy of this unknown is the wonderful curiosity we find in our imaginations to speculate the ‘what ifs’ of space that lend itself so well to fictional story telling.

Welcome To The Space Show opens with a furious yet beautiful chase between alien life forms, already wetting the palette with some amazing effects and colours, in combat over a substance know as ‘zughan’. After all the commotion disperses, we meet our little group, whom are all on their way to summer camp. Whilst searching for Amane’s pet rabbit, Pyon-kichi, which her elder cousin Natsuki has let escape, our group, lead by the eldestKiyoshi, including Noriko, a quiet but morally strong character and Koji, an enthusiastic young boy, come a cross a crop circle, uncovering a hurt little dog and decide to bring him back and nurse him to health.
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[Video] Interview with Michael Sinterniklaas & Stephanie Sheh talking Welcome To The Space Show

Coming to the UK on DVD & Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack on July 2nd

Our own Jeremy Graves had the opportunity to conduct an interview with (past guests of our podcast) Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh at the MCM London Expo a few weeks ago for Manga Entertainment.

The interview focuses on the upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray UK release of Welcome To The Space Show from Manga Entertainment. Both Michael and Stephanie voice characters in the film and had a hand in the production process also.

Welcome To The Space Show is released by Manga Entertainment on July 2nd 2012 on DVD and as a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack. You pre-order both versions at the links below:
-Pre-order DVD at Amazon UK HERE.
-Pre-order the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack HERE.

MCM London Expo news: Floor plan and schedule revealed

This weekend will be a busy weekend with the MCM London Expo returning to Excel London providing attendees the opportunity to meet stars, grab some bargains and so much more.

The official floor plan and schedule of the weekends events have been revealed and below you can find a summary of what is happening as it relates to the world of anime and manga.

Schedule [Click to enlarge]

Floor Plan [Click to enlarge]

When it comes to the floor plan, the anime distributors are split into two sections. The first along the main Expo Boulevard that is conveniently along the same walk as the entrance to the show floor. You’ll find Manga UK, MVM and Kaze UK along this section.
You will also find a second Manga UK stand (likely to be their SALE stall that they have had previous expos) in walking distance from the NEO magazine stand very close MCM Theatre A.

Here is a brief summary of the anime related presentations and signings for you:
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Podcast Episode #40 – How to get from Dragonball Z to art boxes (and many topics in between) in under 100 minutes

The Anime Chronicle Podcast has returned to bring nearly 100 minutes of anime talk!

Join Jeremy Graves as he welcomes Andy Hanley & Seb Reid from UK-Anime to take you on a journey through a multitude of topics that include, but are not limited to, Dragon Ball Z finally getting a release in the UK and Blue Exorcist coming to the UK as a subtitle only release.

But that’s not all as there is also discussion the possibility of more Blu-Ray releases in the UK, news regarding the MCM London Expo (including the fact there will be a world exclusive “sneak peak” of the English language version of Welcome To The Space Show), the lineup for the BFI anime weekender in London, the lost world of DVD art boxes, many shows from the current streaming season and more!

It’s a packed show of anime discussion and it’s available right now!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 1:39:18

Lots of MCM London Expo news! From guest announcements, to a world exclusive preview & more

The MCM London Expo from May 25th & 27th at Excel London is fast approaching and a slew of announcement as to what attendees can expect have been revealed! To say there is a lot going on is an understatement.

World exclusive English dub "sneak peak" of Welcome To The Space Show at London Expo

From an anime perspective Manga Entertainment are bringing over voice actors Michael Sinterniklaas & Stephanie Sheh to help promote the upcoming release of Welcome To The Space Show. The preview will feature a world exclusive “sneak peak” of the English dub of this film set to be released later this year. There will also be a Q & A session with Michael Sinterniklaas & Stephanie Sheh during this session.


Also Kaze UK & Manga Entertainment will present exclusive footage of the new Beserk: The Golden Age – Egg of the King movie. This will also be followed by a Q & A session with Kaze UK representative Andrew Partridge and voice actor Michael Sinterniklaas.

Michael Sinternikaas will also be signing free posters of Beserk over the weekend at the Manga UK booth.

For full details on what will be on offer at the MCM London Expo please read the information below.
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Welcome To The Space Show release pushed back to July 2012 by Manga UK

Manga Entertainment UK informed the world via twitter this week that the release of Welcome To The Space Show, the feature film directed by Koji Masunari and produced by Tomonori Ochikoshi who were part of the team behind anime adaptations of the popular R.O.D. franchise, has been pushed back from it’s intended release date of December this year to July 2nd 2012.

This is due to work for the English dub of the movie that is being created specifically for the UK release by Manga Entertainment. They said the release “has been bumped back to 2nd July so we can spend more time on the dub. It’s going to be epic.”

The film is set to be released on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Sci-Fi London Announce Anime All Nighter event!

Sci-Fi London have announced that in conjunction with Scotland Loves Anime and Kaze they will be holding an Anime All Nighter on evening of October 8th! Movies to be screened include Trigun: Badlands Rumble, Welcome To The Space Show, Eden Of The East: Paradise Lost and more!

If you can’t get to Scotland for the Scotland Loves Anime weekender, this is a great alternative!

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