New Dragonball Z movie set for release in Japan in 2013

A new Dragonball Z movie coming to Japan in 2013

The first season of the series may have just been released on DVD in the UK by Manga Entertainment (read our review of it HERE) but news has come to light in Japan via the Shonen Jump magazine that there will be a brand new movie hitting Japanese cinemas in March of 2013.

The movie will have creator Akira Toriyama involved in the production of the film that will be directed by Masahiro Hosoda (episode director on the Dragonball Z TV series), written by Yūsuke Watanabe (live-action Gantz film and 20th Century Boys), and animation direction by Tadayoshi Yamamuro (One Piece film Strong World, Dragonball movie 4: The Path To Power ).

Trunks & Goten (Picture taken from Dragonball Z series)

In terms of the story there really isn’t much known but early reports indicate that it will be set prior to the Dragonball GT series and will see young Trunks & young Goten be at the forefront of the tale. This would indicate the story will be set around the time of the Buu saga. Based on the image above, taken from the first promotional advert for the film (click HERE to view the advert in full), it does indicates this is indeed the same time period within the story based on the character designs.

Although not live at this time, the official website for the movie can be found HERE.

We will be sure to keep updated the latest information regarding this movie.


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