Anime Chronicle on Danish based “Tegnefilm Podcasten”

Anime Chronicle’s own Jeremy Graves & Jimi Hart made an appearance on the Danish based Tegne Film Podcasten (which literally translates into English as The Cartoon Podcast) hosted by Martin Houlind last week talking about the anime studio Madhouse and the film ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’.

You can listen to the podcast over at their website HERE or through iTunes HERE.

The segment involving us begin at around the 7 minute mark. (You can find full details on the timings of the show at their website.)

This podcast is bilingual, having portions in both Danish & English and is the only Danish returning publication of any kind devoted to animated films. They don’t just talk about anime either. As an example a recent episode of theirs focused on YELLOW SUBMARINE, yes as in The Beatles, and included lenghty interview with a Beatles expert and music historian to set up the 1960s and the career of the Liverpool lads for the listeners.

We had a great time talking to Martin and if you have some time spare we encourage you give it a listen.


Latest edition of the Official Manga UK Podcast available now

The latest edition of the Manga UK Podcast featuring Anime Chronicle’s own Jeremy Graves joined by Manga Entertainment’s Jerome Mazandarani and writer Jonathan Clements is available for your listening pleasure.

The Manga UK Podcast

Episode 3 of the Manga UK Podcast brings you 70 minutes of discussion with Manga Entertainment’s Jerome Mazandarani, Schoolgirl Milky Crisisauthor Jonathan Clements and Anime Chronicle‘s Jeremy Graves. This month there is talk on the recent MCM London Expo, news on Blu-ray titles coming to the UK later this year, details on a special competition to win a Dragon Ball Z figurine, our community based segment where you Ask Manga UK and much more! Download it: here.

0:00:00 – 0:11:16 : Introduction, Jonathan visits the Czech Republic, pre-order listing process clarification.

0:11:16 – 0:52:20 : MCM London Expo, Manga to release Puella Magi Madoka Magica on Blu-ray, Roujin Z, Ninja Scroll steel tin Blu-Ray/DVD combo to be released later this year and more.

0:52:20 – 1:11:57 : Ask Manga UK; the part of the program where we take to twitter and answer your questions. Topics include (but are not limited to) the second season of Baka & Test, possible Blu-ray titles and special editions of releases.

You can download the show by heading over to, by (right clicking then ‘save target as…’ on) this link or via iTunes HERE.

Podcast Episode #42 – May 2012 MCM London Expo Preview show ft. Andrew Partridge of Kaze UK

This week join Jeremy Graves as he welcomes good friend of the show Andy Hanley from UK-Anime to bring our traditional MCM London Expo preview program! They take you on a journey of information as to what you can expect at the expo this weekend, well after an initial 15 minutes or so of discussion on a variety of topics including Squid Girl and the Bleach Blu-Ray releases.

Once the expo talk begins we also welcome Andrew Partridge of Kaze UK & Anime On Demand onto the program to gives some insight into how his preparations are going ahead of the expo, what we can expect on the Kaze UK stand and during their panel on Sunday, some Anime On Demand talk on more!

Following that Jeremy and Andy wrap up their expo talk and then discuss what they been watching that includes Clannad, some of the recent Marvel anime series and more! A fun show as always and it’s available for you now!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 1:22:37

Podcast Episode #41 – HUGO in the USA

The Anime Chronicle podcast returns with a healthy 50 minutes of anime based discussion brought to you by Jeremy Graves, Jimi Hart & (all the way from the USA) Hugo Jackson!

This weeks shows provides you with a variety of topics including Hugo’s experiences with the streaming services Hulu and Roku America, subscriptions, thoughts on the new & upcoming releases of Kiddy Grade, Bleach: Series 8 Part 2 and Fairy Tail.

[Don’t forget you check out our complete reviews of those titles and more HERE.]

Plus talk on fan service, Mardock Scramble and Beez Entertainment revealing they will have a presence at London Expo and more!

A fun show as always! Go give it a listen.

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 0:49:51

Podcast Episode #40 – How to get from Dragonball Z to art boxes (and many topics in between) in under 100 minutes

The Anime Chronicle Podcast has returned to bring nearly 100 minutes of anime talk!

Join Jeremy Graves as he welcomes Andy Hanley & Seb Reid from UK-Anime to take you on a journey through a multitude of topics that include, but are not limited to, Dragon Ball Z finally getting a release in the UK and Blue Exorcist coming to the UK as a subtitle only release.

But that’s not all as there is also discussion the possibility of more Blu-Ray releases in the UK, news regarding the MCM London Expo (including the fact there will be a world exclusive “sneak peak” of the English language version of Welcome To The Space Show), the lineup for the BFI anime weekender in London, the lost world of DVD art boxes, many shows from the current streaming season and more!

It’s a packed show of anime discussion and it’s available right now!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 1:39:18

Podcast Episode #39 – Manga Goes Digital

On this edition of the Anime Chronicle podcast, Jeremy & Hugo welcome Andy Hanley of UK-Anime back to the program to explore the wonders that will be digital manga now that have opened it’s doors to customers on a worldwide scale. We explore pros, cons, worries and more!

There’s also time to talk about what we’ve been watching including the likes of Lagrange, Fairy Tail & Arrietty and answer some questions from the Anime Chronicle community that covers such subject as the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, dubs and more! A fun show as always and available to stream & download right now!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE | Download through iTunes HERE.
Duration: 1:25:11

Podcast Episode #38 – Plots twists & Belly Laughter

Here is a very impromptu edition of the Anime Chronicle for you. Originally when we taped this it was intended to be a segment inserted into the confines of the next podcast but given we ended up going for nearly an hour decided to release this as a podcast of its own instead!

Join Jeremy Graves & Jimi Hart as they take you on a whimsical journey through Tekken Blood Vengeance (*Spoilers* included), following on from the text review by Jimi that can be read HERE, as they discuss the plot, the CGI, how 4 seconds of music can enrage someone and more! Plus there’s time another tale of GinTama based uncontrollable laughter, a preview of what’s to come on future episodes and more!

It’s nearly an hour of discussion and it’s available now!

Download – Right Click, Save Target As – HERE
Download through iTunes HERE

Podcast Episode #37 – News, Reviews & Boobs!?

We are delighted to bring our first podcast of the new year featuring a plethora of topics on the world of anime.

Join Jeremy Graves, Hugo Jackson & Jimi Hart for discussion on topics such as Beez Entertainment closing its doors, anime being released on Blu-Ray in the UK, the presence of the anime market in US retailers, the relaunch of Anime On Demand, various streaming title from last season including Hunter x Hunter & UnGo, reviews of Samurai Girls (which creates lots of boob jokes, hence the title of this episode) and Welcome To NHK and more!

It ia 90 minutes of anime talk to kick off the new year with and it’s available for your listening pleasure now!

[NOTE – This podcast was recorded on Sunday 15th January 2012]

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE
Download through iTunes HERE

Podcast Episode #36 – Get Your K-On!

The Anime Chronicle Podcast returns with Jeremy Graves welcoming good friend of the show Andy Hanley from to talk a variety of topics surrounding the world of anime in a very impromptu edition of the program. Topics discussed but not limited to include Redline on Blu-Ray, Version 2.0 of Anime On Aemand that’s due to launch any day now, the craziness of Mirrai Nikki (Future Diary), how Persona 4 The Animation has developed, concerts, K-ON! and more!

It’s just over an hour of light hearted anime chatter and it’s available for you listening pleasure right now! Oh a random note, apologies for the (potential) howling cat in the background at random intervals.

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE
Download through iTunes HERE

Podcast Episode #35

Join Jeremy Graves and Jimi Hart for nearly an hour of discussion on the world of anime, music and video games.

On this edition of the program discussion includes a review of the highly anticipated movie Redline, thoughts on the mammoth weekend that was the MCM London Expo in east London, the recent Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert at the Royal Albert Hall, talk on the power metal band Animetal USA that covers anime themes in English and more!

Download – Right Click, Save As HERE
Download through iTunes HERE