Officially Confirmed: Manga Entertainment to release Dragon Ball Z on DVD in the UK

It’s been a story that has been known for a long time. After leaks, adverts on websites, hints at conventions and more Manga Entertainment officially confirmed today they are to release all of 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z in the United Kingdom on DVD.

The series will be released over 9 box sets, each representing a season of the show, beginning with Season 1 the ‘Vegeta Saga’ (also known as the ‘Saiyan Conflict Saga’) in July at an RRP of £34.99.

These season boxsets will be the same remastered DVD releases that have been distributed by Funimation in the USA and Madman in Australia.

UPDATE – Manga UK have revealed the box art for this release and listed the special features as:

  • Revised English dialogue – English voice track with original Japanese music in Dolby 5.1.
  • Dragon Ball Z Rebirth featurette.
  • A New Look featurette.
  • Textless opening and closing.
  • Trailers.

The forthcoming release schedule for the nine box sets is as follows

  • Series 1 – 2nd July
  • Series 2 – 27th August 2012
  • Series 3 – 1st October 2012
  • Series 4 – 5th November 2012
  • Series 5  – 7th Jan 2013
  • Series 6 – 11th March 2013
  • Series 7 – 13th May 2013
  • Series 8 – 15th July 2013
  • Series 9 – 16th September 2013

This will be the first time the Dragon Ball Z television series has been released on DVD in the UK. There were a few of the movies released in limited quantities on DVD, not by Manga Entertainment, but did not include the Funimation or Ocean Group dubs that UK audiences will recall from the UK airings of the television series. Instead they included a Malaysian dub cast.

The big question following the long wait is will you be buying them?

UPDATE – 29th March, Official Manga UK box art added and special features listed.


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